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Their going to get the chair in texas
These two couples (1 gay 1 lesbo) are going to get the chair.
I just know it living in Texas.
[Image: i__m_just_here_to_gay_up_by_danichanxd-d4e5pdl.png]
Well.......IF they do get the chair............HE will probably get THIS chair....
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1dx0K99if1OUtZMcA636...BKkukVCr9A]

And she will get THIS chair........

[Image: Brentwood%2BLeather%2BChair.jpg]
This made me think you meant the electric chair and I was worried for a moment.

The precedent set by the supreme court of your country already lays out what must happen here. I'm not sure how your system of electing judges works, however, so perhaps it will be difficult because they will want to appeal to their constituents, which will certainly drag out the legal fighting in the lawsuit.

But that's going to happen anyway...
When you word it like that, it seems like it's the electric chair and, being Canadian, I don't know what states have the chair and thought Texas did, so I was confused and then I saw your post and thought they were trying to kill homosexuals. I got sad. Then I was relieved when I saw what it really was!
I didn't read the article though. Tongue

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