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There is no LGBT community
I've never liked this term and try to ignore it but it's everywhere now, with varying other letters and identities added on to it which makes it even worse

My community is my boyfriend and the people who care about me. I will be honest I've never met a lesbian I liked and I've known a few, being told I'm in a community with them or any other random ambiguous sexuality every five seconds is insulting
Well, first off, you are generalizing the entirety of lesbians based on a small percentage of them. I think that it's called a community because we have, not 100% the same, but we have similar struggles and can be sympathetic towards one another. I've never thought it was an insult to be called part of the LGBTQ+ community. Members of other groups (be it religious, racial, cultural, etc.) are often times grouped together because of their similar oppression or mistreatment or struggles and even though every person from said group might not necessarily like or relate to everyone else precisely, there still is some common ground between them.

Just my opinion, it's fine to have differing ones, but there you go.
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Well, I'm not saying that every single part of the acronym makes complete sense to me, but as far as the overall is concerned and the bigger picture, I stand by my comment. And judging by your response, I'm not going to get a respectful discussion about this, so I'll just let it be. Have a nice day Smile
there is no common ground between lesbians and gay men, only a chasm. Our struggles are not the same, it's way harder to be a gay man and if you think otherwise you are stupid
If this anti-lesbian bias is all that leads you to say there's no community, you need to go home and re-think your views.

Lesbians are people. Individual people can be crappy or good, not entire groups. You barely met a few so, that's no ground to make any kind of assessment. When you've met a statistically significant amount of lesbians around the world, then you can make proper opinions about them.

Of course it maybe that you're just a misogynist and you won't like any lesbian you ever meet. The fault will be on you in that case.

I would think this is a plausible explanation (if only a conjecture) given your widely mistaken comment that lesbians have it better. In most societies, still, women have fewer rights than men and any one who doesn't see THAT, can take on the "stupid" label and wear it proudly.

That aside, I would say there is no such thing as a gay community in general, not because of some ridiculous perception about one of their groups, but rather the notion of the group as a whole. There maybe a gay community lets say in Romania, but why would I, living where I do, having met no Romanian ever, would feel related to them or part of their community? Just cause they also like men?

I think not. This also follows the logic of people being individuals. Being gay doesn't instantly relate me to other gay folks.

Now, why don't you take off the paper bag off your head and show some courage if you're going to make troublesome comments?
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I know a great number of lesbians, get along well with them, and they have some of the same struggles as gay men.

If you have issues with women, that's your problem to resolve. Don't make blanket statements to blame lesbians for your own shortcomings.
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Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Anonymous Wrote:there is no common ground between lesbians and gay men, only a chasm. Our struggles are not the same, it's way harder to be a gay man and if you think otherwise you are stupid

You are stupid.
One has to wonder why you posted anonymously? Why are you afraid of revealing your identity? That smacks of cowardice to me.
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I like labels. I don't understand why some people fear them so much.
But it's a free world and I respect your opinion. However, if you would sever your connection to the LGBT community, you should start here. Good bye.
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