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Things people say out of context
You know when you hear a part of a conversation while walking along the street and it sounds really weird because you don't know the context xD I love that:

"All-naturale so you've got normal-tasting nipples"

"Argh I didn't even get to eat my goddamn Korean sandwich"
"Yeah, that was my last load for a day or two."

"Just exploded, knocked the car clean off the road."

"10-4, he's on my DOT bumper."

"Got my rims and pipes polished back in Phoenix"

"Ugly lizard, that one, that's for sure."

Just a few I heard a lot on the road, taken out of context and, probably don't mean what you think they mean.
Fun hearing them out of context! LOL

"Ugly lizard, that one, that's for sure but what a great job he did polishing my rims and pipes." ROFLMBO
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