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Thinking of going to a gay club etc???
Like I said to you in the chatroom club x is the best because it is the only club with 2 or 3 rooms of musilc from hrdcore to kylie so you can dip in and out. It also has an upstairs cafe bar and is very frisndly. Im sure youll find somthing to youre taste there. Keep us updated
I only have problems with stairs.

I was just trying to get a bit of motivation to get my self to go...
sweetlad86 Wrote:I only have problems with stairs.

I was just trying to get a bit of motivation to get my self to go...
Sorted then! Cool

Have fun Xyxthumbs
I'm planing on going next week end if I get around to asking them, my mates that is lol!

I'm dieing to make some new gay friends.....
Well I think I'm going to have to go own my own to Club X, as the people I thought would be ok to go with have turned out to be complete twats, and basically have ignored me because they don't want to go with me. I think they think I would show them up....

I'm thinking of ringing the club up at asking them if its ok for my too take photos in side the club.

I find having a camera some times gets people to talk to ya, so I think that mite be the best way to star...
I've considered going to gay club, but the ones I know of, in Bath and Cheltenham, are too far away for me to go without taking a taxi, and I can't afford that kind of thing.

Plus I don't like loud music or alcohol. xP
in Bath??

I only know the Tap in Bath??

Why don't you go to Swindon??
Hey sweetlad the first time i went to the clubs in Cardiff I went allone (shit scared) but once I started dancing people came up to me and statrded chatting and I made loads of friends there. The exit club opposite club X is really friendly too.
Hope it goes well for you I will be there with you in spirit(and salute youre braveness). If you got any questions on the clubs/ scene in Cardiff youre welome to PM me
Will do Sparky

Any thing I need to look out for though?

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