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This guy flirts with me, but is he gay
hi guys,

There's this new guy in my students association (or however you call it in english) who is really hot. At first i didn't noticed him, because there're a lot of new people at the beginning of a new academic year. But when i was quite drunk i was talking to a girl and this gay was nearby and said to two other guys "he's quite hot". Referring to me. I thanked him and didn't think about it anymore.

The next day I did think it about it again and I looked him up on facebook, of course wondering for his sexuality status, which wasn't revealed. So I got a bit excited.

There was a party that night and he was there. I really need to stop drinking so much because he came to me when I was drunk again. He said "look at those girls, they all want you." (i'm in de closet) I said "noo they want you, bla bla bla". Whe were touching arms and backs a lot while we talked a while. Then he said, i'm going him to jerk off, in a kidding way. So I said I can come with you haha, also joking but hoping he'd said yes. Which didn't happen. And now this guy is in my head all the time, can't wait to see him again! But I want to talk some more to him, which probably will help a lot. But what do you guys think? He's flirting with me for sure, but is it serious or is he just kidding?

appreciate your opinion on this Smile
If you haven't already, you could add him on Facebook and talk to him some more on there. At least then you can talk to him whilst sober, hopefully learning more about him and his sexuality.
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if your serious friends first; find something to do together that he would be very interested in. Do you have any common friends you can ask what are his interests. If you cant figure anything invite him for coffee. if your not serious; continue to flirt, you got the whole semester.

and about those girls, possible hag friend material?

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