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This or That

Car or SUV?

baseball hat: front or backwards
I don't wear them, but if I did it would be front.

English or maths?

English muffin or bagel?
English muffin

Tuna and cheese toastie or ham and cheese toastie?
Ham and cheese.

Would you rather be smart and attractive or remain as you are now?

You are very sleepy and decide to go to bed. You wriggle under the covers, lay back against the comfy pillows, and relax...

SUDDENLY you feel something squirming its way up your leg.

Would you rather it was:
a) A giant spider. The furry kind. Venomous and likes to bite if it senses movement, but not lethal
b) A rat. Luckily it doesn't have any infectious diseases but if it bites it will hold on until it dies.
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.
The spider. I don't fancy going round with a rat chomped on to my leg until it dies to be honest.

Would you rather eat a live spider or a sheep's eyeball?
Sheeps eyeball. Won't wriggle around so much.

Would you rather win £10 in a beauty contest or go back three spaces?
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.
Always the £10. You think you've avoided landing on the property with hotels, but oh no, back you go three spaces, time to pay up. Think you've avoided Tax? Oh, lets go back 3 spaces onto the tax square. Although I think £10 is pretty stingy for winning a beauty competition.

Food poisoning with vomiting for 2 days solid or break 3 toes?

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