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This or That
Depends on my mood. I'd say it's about 50-50. Sometimes, I love that alone time. Other times, I really like being in the company of others so would prefer to go out.

Slim fit jeans or baggy jeans?
Flashy multi-coloured Smile

Matching socks or non-matching because you can't be arsed? (The latter is often me :biggrinSmile
Nekkid Smile

Sleep in total darkness or a little light?
I prefer being big spoon, though I do like being little spoon too Smile

Resting your head on a man's chest or having them rest their head on yours?
I prefer silence. I am quite a light sleeper, so silence and pitch blackness suits me best. Though, in my room, there is a clock ticking which is quite audible, and I sleep fine with that.

On days off: Early riser or late riser?
Again, depends on mood, but arms around each other is nice Smile

First date: Scenic walk or Dinner?
a beach park!!!! Big Grin

whistler, bc or park city, ut
3 eyes

New Years: quiet night at home or going out to a party?
quiet night

ham or turkey?

6 toes or 6 fingers?

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