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This or That

summer or winter?
Warm, for the season xD Its December and raining, thats warm to me.

Video games or board games?
In the end, it boils down to two simple choices. Either you do or you don't. You'd think with all the problems in this world, there'd be more answers. It's not fair... but its the way things are. The choice is yours. ~ Zidane Tribal

Hope is comforting, it allows us to accept fate no matter how tragic it may be. ~ Yunalesca

"Απο μακρυά και αγαπημένοι παρά απο κοντά και μαλωμένοι"

There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met ~ Gonzo
Board games.

Zoo or Safari?
Safari, I like to see animals in their native homes, not in man-made cages.

Steam or Sail (ships)
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
sail (less pollution)
A world without diseases or a world without war
A world without could cure some of the diseases in this world (as some are initiated by stress) + if we all worked together we could probably discover cures of which have not yet been found.

Morning or Evening
Evening (I'm a nocturnal person) Big Grin

lemon or lime >
lime; necessary ingredient for the evening cosmopolitan / cosmo

can you say you would NEVER ever cheat on your husband, even in a Prez Bill Clinton casual none loving way
yessss or no
ABSOLUTLY! I would NEVER cheat on Wake. I have high morals and a huge heart. I've been cheated on, more than once, and it SUCKS! Its an internal scar I will never be able to get rid of and I would never want to be the cause of that to Wake (or anyone for that matter).

Back scatches or back massages?
Back massages.

Belly dancing or Tango?

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