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This or That
Fiction Smile

Samsung or LG
My tellys LG so i go that one Big Grin

Godzilla or king kong (in a fight) ?
Pfft.... Clearly Godzilla lol

Contacts or glasses
Nah king kong would smash him lol

Glasses/contacts/whatever suits you best Big Grin

Darts or Snooker ?
Darts....but only if instead of darts its flaming arrows.

Katana or Scimitar?
southbiochem Wrote:Darts....but only if instead of darts its flaming arrows.

Katana or Scimitar?

Of course, it should always be flaming arrows Big Grin

Theres me thinking Katana or scimitar is some food delicicy lol oh I dont know, I'm guessing Katana will beat scimitars ass

Baked beans or Brussel sprouts ?
You mean vomit or vomit? Beans are less repulsive, so I'll take those.

And yes, in the world of curved swords, a katana beat the s.....out of pretty much everything.

1914 Germany or 1812 France?
Whatever, theres nowt wrong with baked beans.

Germany 1914... id rather be a british p.o.w at that time in germany than freeze to death in a russian winter fighting for that short french bloke, thanks!

tank or plane ?

Cheez-its or Ritz Crackers
Ritz crackers!

German Panzer IIIs or Soviet T-34s?

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