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This or That
Ottoman Empire for sure!

Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty
Edit: Eiffel Tower for sure

Jovial: Ottoman Empire, but before all the Russo Turkish wars..

(Fall Gelb or Case Yellow was the successfull Nazi invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France in WWII, May 1940..followed by Fall Rot or Case Red that saw the quick defeat and complete occupation of France by June 1940, while the Schlieffen plan failed to be accomplished...although it was a bit more ambitious)

[Image: 25-31+may.jpg]


Turkish Selanik or Greek Thessaloniki?
Turkish Selanic... and I can play with the Turkish military personnel

American Revolution or Russian Revolution?

mashed potato or roast potato ?
partis Wrote:American

mashed potato or roast potato ?


and...NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO....

US has done nothing to become stronger since that, while Russia is still not overly influencial outside his immediate zone.....NO, NO, NO, NO...

Russian revolution...Russian...ALWAYS...:tongue:

Greek leaves the eurozone disorderly and creates a chain reaction that makes investors pull out from other endangered countries like Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy...or....Greece is bailed out and forever is held in resentment specially from Germany?
That is a tough one... but I gotta say the latter, why should other countries have to suffer from Greece's stupidity?

English Civil War or Spanish Civil War?
Spanish Civil War since it is far more shameful & more casualties

Which has had more impact: Assasination of JFK or Lincoln

Dragons den or the apprentice ?
Hands down The Apprentice... even though the celebrities is not as good as the original...

Point-and-Click Adventure or Hidden Object (pc games)?
Jovial I presume you mean THE original with SIR Alan sugar NOT trump! :p

Point & click

Tortilla flat or of mice and men ?

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