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This or That

Okay... 99 posts to go... deep breath...

Guam I think...

work or play
Both.... Work on weekdays, play on weekends

Rainbow or rain
Hmmmm... I want the rainbow, but again dancing with you in the rain sounds so goood... so I give up the rainbow for the latter Smile

Musk Marine or Musk Fire
But i can't dance, or maybe I'm bad it... Sad the rainbow would look good on you

Musk marine... I like color blue

Blue or green
I can't dance either... but with the two of us jumping up and down and twirling around in the rain like a pair of idiots who cares :p

blue most likely wins but it would depend on the shade... and some greens are nice

Cherry Blossom or Vanilla
Hahaha... I would probably just roll on the streets.. Rofl

I like Vanilla... I love the smell of it

Fiction or non fiction books
History text books / dictionaries vs. historical fiction, fantasy, horror...

Nope can't choose...

Banana & Coconut Milk or Strawberry & Guava
Banana and coconut milk.... Hmmm

Watermelon or Honey dew
Sweet watermelon

Apple or Pear

Palm Syrup or Maple Syrup?

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