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This or That
erm.. I gues basket ball. Though they aren't as good as Football.

Pirate or Ninja?
Pirate-ninja (football is terrible!!)

Pirate boat or Ninja stealth
Dude, Football is awesome :o

Pirate boat, I think it'd be awesome to sail around freely.

Piggle bank or bank piggle?
uugh... football kills my brain...

Piggle bank? no idea what that means but it sounds cute :biggrin:

Merlin or The Walking dead

Fantasia or Fantasia 2000? (Disney)
Fantasia original
feeling hot and sweaty or cold and sivering
Cold and shivering, totally.

Lights or the sun?
Niether, I'd like to say in the dark please Smile

The moon or The sun?
Oh Rawr<3 I wanted to put "darkness" as an option but I thought no one would say that.

The Moon! I like to wave at it everytime I see it (it's a thing I do, like a "hello" at all the dear people who have passed away or who just happen to be far.)

High fives or low fives?
Depends on what a low five means to you lol. Just joking. High five.

Walking or Driving

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