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This or That
Not sure if we've had one these threads... It's quite easy you either choose this or that and then give two optoion for the person below to choose between. you can make it easy and just choost or perhaps you can say why you prefer it.

lets start off with something standard.

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Coca-cola, I love vanilla coke

hot or cold weather
Cold weather! Snow! I still get excited over first snow! Roflmao

Chocolate milkshake or Strawberry milkshake?
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Deep wells must be dug
If you want clear water
Rose-red oh Rose-red
deep waters don’t run still

~ Rammstein - Rosenrot[/COLOR]

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
chocolate milkshake, cause chocolate beats strawberry... just barely..

Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers, because the only thing that should hug your balls should have a heart beat Smile

Morning or night?
night ... because morning would suck if u were with someone

white chocolate or dark ?
Dark ... whatever makes anyone think white is chocolate!

train or aeroplane?
Train...I like looking out of the window.....

Gold or Silver?
Gold... its worth more lol

Tv or the pc?
PC, you can watch anything you want, whenever you want.

PC or Mac

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