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let me start over
Is there anything in particular that you wish to talk about?
Generalizing forum people as keyboard heroes, is not the way to win friends and Influence people.
I can assure you ,that what I say to you on here, I would say to your face.

Here for you if you want to talk it out.
HollandofFrance Wrote:...
i hate forums -people will say things they wouldn't say to your face


Isn't that what makes the internet so great though?

You get to see people for who they really are, for good and for bad.(Not including trolls of course, who abuse this)
A true view into the human psyche as the anonymity allows people to feel free enough to voice any of their views and ideas without fear of repercussion.

I wouldn't call it cowardice, i'd call it fully utilising their freedoms.Confusedmile:
As insulting as this freedom can manifest itself, trust me, it's better to put up with it.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
U mad bro?
Forums ? :/ I think you're thinking a bit too simplistic here. What is it exactly that's bothering you?

too much stuff from your first post that makes no sense at all. Seems to me like the politics forum you should stay out of? If you're taking what people say in there to heart and it bothers you, you're welcome to state your feelings, or you're also welcome to not enter that part of the forums.

Politics and many other things define people, one may not agree with the other, but that's what makes us all unique. You can't simply hate people for their beliefs and feelings. How'd you feel if someone hate you for what defines you as you?

If the politics forums really eks you stay away from it. You have many other options!

LIke a few people above said, if we really address these issues in real life (face - to - face) you'll actually hear it. There are a few different people, there's the ones that will say it like it is to your face, and then there's that ones that use more precautions in face to face interaction, being mindful and respectful to others opinions.

Forums/ using an alias that you "hide" behind online is a good way to discuss your frustrations and let it out. Sure it also defines who you are, but at least no one is being disrespectful to you face to face.... : /
sorry to hear your having problems bro but doesnt mean they are cowards in any sense, just giving you opinions and what not. they might be shy in person and the net gives them freedom for them to get a voice when in person they dont have one.
let me start over

i had a bad cold and still do
winter snow ice has got me down i guess

i get irritated at stuff when i have a cold

edited above

server is slow here too or almost useless

too bad you dont have a free back up board like at free boards or aaimoo .com
hope you feel better
well thanks to all repliers

i forgot why i was depressed maybe i remember but its too horrible maybe

i live around weird creepy people i guess who make me sick

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