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To be Feminine!
I have read different posts about guys that feel like they are girly and feminine and it makes me feel like I really hate who I am because I am masculine and butch and I wish every single day that I was the total opposite and that I was girly and feminine and had womanly features and what not.

I would do whatever it took to be that way. If I had three wishes it would be:

1. To be completely feminine
2. To have breasts
3. To have a Vagina

Those are my three wishes and if I was granted those wishes I would be the happiest woman on the planet. But I know that is not reality and that if I do want to be a woman that I have lots of work ahead of me to get to that path. I am 100% gay and I love everything about men but I don't like being a man myself. I want so badly to be a woman and not be the guy that I am today.

So to those gay guys that are feminine and girly I respect you more than anyone else and wish that I could be just like you, I would trade bodies in a second to the ones that hate that about themselves. I just don't know how to be feminine in any sort of way, I really wish that I did because I would start down that path.
Im not sure if im feminine or not. I do enjoy drag tho
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
So there's this stupid myth about gay men.
That one of us has to be the female in a relationship.
That shit is just bullshit. Both are men. If we wanted to date a female, we'd be straight right Tongue

Not saying gay guys who want to date a shemale is wrong. Everyone likes diffrent stuff.

Just saying, don't feel bad about being masculine. A feminin gay most likely wants someone like you ;D
I know I want someone who is masculine. I'm most definitly not masculine, and I'm perfectly ok with that now.
I like myself more and more these days. It's nice to come out of your shell.
"I am what I am", be happy with who you are. Embrace yourself.
People often mix gender or gender identity with behavior. Behavior is such a personal thing it's a bit ridiculous to say "feminine" or "masculine" beyond some limited generalizations. Raising, society and your own psychological shaping and develpment have to do with how you behave, not if you have these or that genitalia.
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Not all women are Feminine ya know Sheep

I'm a feminine guy with lots of masculine girlfriends and girly girls too;

It's really not as important at the end of the day, as is you loving who you are.

There are pros and cons to all facets of life and this is no exception. You must simply make the choice you see fit that is best for you.
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

Hey [MENTION=24082]Jaycee[/MENTION] I'm not going to pretend that I know or even remotely understand what you are going through, but I can empathise with the conflict and turmoil that must be boiling away in your mind.

Do you have any contact with anyone else that is transitioning?

Having someone or group that is going through or has gone through what you are going through may be the amazing support that you need right now.

There used to be a couple of wonderful men here that wanted to transition or were transitioning, but they don't seem to be so active these days.

As fantastic and supportive as the people are here are, I think you need someone who really understands to have a good old chinwag with Wink
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I don't know anyone else that is transitioning!

I just feel pretty much alone with the emotions that I have about the entire thing. I live in Montana and I work in a ski resort atmosphere and I just don't feel like the area that I am in is the best place to come out in and I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to meeting new people that are just like me or going through the same struggles.

Sometimes I have hope that I can make the transition and then other times I just feel like its a pipe dream that will never happen. I realized that perhaps I am just a cross dresser until I actually get the confidence to transition and see a gender therapist and making a change in myself.

I just feel really lost right now.

Just FEEL feminine (whatever that feels like for you) and the rest will follow. #TRUST .

Also, in your mind, accept that there are more butch, masculine women, and that they too can have some feminine traits. Begin to blur the line a bit, with regards to the topic of femininity, and which end you're on.

It's really about how you feel, and it will start to show in your life. It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not, but surely it's easy enough to try, right? To start feeling the way you want to feel.
Hi Jaycee, from what I understand on this subject, it is very important to be able to "pass". I saw your pics and would say that you are very masculine look great, actually. How would you feel if you were never able to pass?
Seriously, DO NOT try and get a vagina.
It's not worth it right now. The ways they give someone it is just too shit atm.
You'll have to go in for surgery again and again so often just to maintain it.
Lots of trans guys who have done that surgery has ended up killing themselfs.

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