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Too Much Texting?
On my thread about dating a closeted guy, [MENTION=23180]axle2152[/MENTION] mentioned, Which brings me to something that doesn't have much to do with the thread but I can't stand guys who expect me to constantly text them. I actually had someone who was messaging me briefly. I told him that I think it is fine and probably a good thing to not always talk on a constant basis. He tells immediately says it wouldn't work out for him and says he's not really looking for friends...


I mean, it's fine to shoot off a quick text if something worth mentioning happens. Bit constant;y? It annoys me SO much.

Also, there's my job, I work as an EMT and I can't be texting all the time. I'm either driving or with a patient. I had one guy got really pissy about it, he kept insisting that it only takes a second to answer. Which second would that be, the one where I drive the ambulance into a dump truck because I'm busy texting? Or maybe the one where I don't notice that a patient is arresting because I'm trying to think of something cute to say to my bf? UGGGGHHH!!

I'm definitely with you on this one, axle. Confusedmile:
I guess I'm in the middle. I don't mind texting itself really, if I'm talking to someone about something funny/interesting I can get into a pretty fast and text heavy conversation. So on that end, I don't mind a lot of texting. But if someone is just messaging me a lot about lots of inane/stupid things then that gets annoying.

I prefer text over talk with most people. Not because I don't have an attention span but because of two things:
1 I have anxiety so "real" conversations with people I don't know all that well (and even sometimes with people I do) drains me quickly because I'm on edge for the duration of the call.
2 I prefer to write and read over verbally communicate. I preferred long essays in school as opposed to oral reports for this reason. I can plan what I want to say more carefully through a text, a "heat of the moment" never really happens to me through a text or email. I very rarely find myself saying "oh gee I wish I hadn't of sent/wrote that" but do find myself saying "I wish I hadn't of said that" twice as often.
My people love to talk.

Whether to hear our own lil musical accent, or just cause we chatterboxes.

I mean, we literally have full fledged words just for talking and the different ways you can talk lol.

So for me, texting is really an annoyance for 1 of 2 reasons:

1) It takes me forever to text what I actually want to say, cause I have to standardize it
2) Like I said, we talkers. Why text when we can talk?

But as it's the closest substitute, I don't mind doing it most times, and will do it frequently, but I'm also prone to just going M.i.a, because I get engrossed in other things and gurls be like "omg where was you"?

And I just like -.-

Take time enuh.
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

I guess here's my do's and don't-s on texting. I like texting back and fourth but when I'm at work there needs to be an understanding that I may not reply...for hours. I do like a good conversation and texting back and forth can often foster a good conversation. On the other hand texting can also do the opposite. Me, I like to be able to text someone and talk to someone on the phone or in person and still have a good conversation, got to be able to communicate.

However the guys who DEMAND that you text them back immediately is absurd. That being said if you can't return a text in a day or ever initiate a conversation probably not a good sign.

Now I haven't always been quite as level headed, I guess my old age helps with that....but realistically it is experience and being enough of an empath to understand different people in different situations I realize better how my actions have an effect on people. I do of course want to be a positive influence on people but I know that's not always going to be the case, some people just don't like me and it doesn't matter how nice I try to be. Some people are also just pricks. Oh yes...texting.

I actually prefer to use Facebook messenger, the reason is so that I can type. I sit at a computer most of my day and continue to use one in the evening. I also type fairly fast... A friend and I played around with a typing test not to far back and I came in around something like 68 WPM. So I like being to get my ideas out faster on that. I even bought a bluetooth keyboard that will work with my phone but the keys are too small for me really, but it is better than using the screen. I also tend to be very thorough with my thoughts. I have made some very lengthy posts on here and on my blog. I think a lot, so to be bound by SMS is a pain, plus autocorrect.

Anyway, I think it says a lot about someone who demands you text them all the time and expect them to take a higher precedence over one's job or school. Let's get real here. Unless you're going to pay for everything for me, my car, place to live, eat, etc and fuck me on top of it, keep your demands to a minimum.... Hell it'd would be nice for a guy to drive to me and then wine me and dine me too. That never happens and I'm often the one doing just that, but that's my own fault.

I am learning, all a little too slowly that it is ok to be an asshole to people who fucking deserve it (say it like Gordon Ramsay does -- seems to have more of a sting to it).
Gemini, just tell the guy that you work odd hours as an EMT and are not allowed to text while at wor. Then tell him you will reply when you can.
I bid NO Trump!
I'm old fashioned I switched my phone off while driving of when I don't want to talk to people.
[Image: giphy.gif]
LJay Wrote:Gemini, just tell the guy that you work odd hours as an EMT and are not allowed to text while at wor. Then tell him you will reply when you can.

I know that "wor" was a typo, but when I first looked at it quick I thought it said "war" and I'm thinking, Damn, this dude knows exactly what it's like to have my job on a Saturday night in the city! 2ar15smilie
My BFF would get with really crazy in she finally became celibate over it (she took a break once but the same pattern resumed so she's back to celibacy indefinitely).

I pay her to drive me certain places, and there was this one time that she also took me to the recycling center to drop off a bunch of goods. We then get out on the highway when her phone buzzes and she gets to it.

I tell her we're on the highway (and was surprised to see her doing that, I thought she had more sense) and she said her boyfriend gets upset if she didn't text back right away. And here's the thing: he had her download some software so that he could track her (or her phone anyway) and he was texting to know why she'd been at the recycling center...and he KNEW that she was now on the highway (because he'd asked why she was leaving).

I said, "Give me the phone, and I'll text him back."

She wouldn't because she correctly guessed I was going to really tell him off for being such a jerk to put her life on the line, and that of others on the highway, over a STUPID question that could very well wait. She told me I scared him, too, of which I was not sorry. But even with such an idiotic control freak who knowingly put her life in danger in his games like this, she wanted to try to make it work. I was so glad when she finally woke up to what a loser he was and got rid of him.
As for me, I don't use text socially. It's more for alerts and reminders, and that's it (and I admit it's very useful for these things). Some have said they envy me that as texting becomes addictive as well as socially obligatory (once you start with one, then everyone expects it, and then it dominates your time).

Texting also has at least something of a problem the internet has, which is assuming the very worst tone or intent possible, even when the person who assumes it knows they're being ridiculous (but will get madder and madder or more upset as they contemplate it). And they don't mind "shooting back" because there's no face in front of them, only a screen, so empathy is dulled if not entirely negated (in addition to their imagining a tone that was never intended, which came from their own imagination rather than the person they're now upset with).

There has GOT to be a term for this stupidity given how common it is. Does anyone know what it is? (I've invented names for it myself, like the "curse of the internet," only to find someone else used such terms to describe other negative aspects.)

It apparently happens in texting as well, especially if those texting each other don't know each other that well. Or it's used to facilitate it. Like if someone is late, or even doesn't text back right away, they won't even wonder if something is wrong or if something trivial and unsurprising (like traffic or taking a shower) is delaying them and ask a question, instead they'll text out abuse because they assume it's malicious. Of course they're usually chagrined, as they should be, when they realize there was an innocent explanation for it and now have to explain why they were such a jackass about it. A lot of times it would've prevented a problem if instead of flaming the person they just texted, "Are you okay?" But that many don't make me wonder if people really would be better off if all texting devices were just gotten rid of as our species is simply too immature to use it properly and they create more stress and drama than they alleviate.

And apparently many people even text during sex! IOW, even someone texting "I love you" to a spouse could be having sex with someone else at the very moment. I expect many cheaters love texting over audio phone calls for that very reason.

And I've heard of breakup by texts, which is bad enough. But why couldn't it be someone else who managed to get hold of the device to text that, or hack their account? It wouldn't be hard, especially if the one doing so was known to the person who was impersonated by text. Texting just allows for a lot of deceit as well as saying things that are regretted later because they didn't take the time to think it out first (this doesn't apply to those who are much more conservative in their texting habits).

'Course the auto-corrects have provided the public with hilarity as almost nothing else could, so that's something. I just don't think it's worth it.
Yeah, I'm of the same opinion. Sure, some quick note or inquiry that can easily be resolved with a single exchange is fine. But to use it for something more involved is kind of annoying. Just make the call and say what you need to say, (and I usually end up calling the person myself, if they take the texting too far). Much easier communication.

PS. EMT-s are sexy! Wink

And, yeah, I initially read [MENTION=20933]LJay[/MENTION]'s 'wor' for 'war' as well.
''Do I look civilized to you?''

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