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Trucker's Wife and Harleys
A truck driver was sitting down in a small roadside diner, minding his own business, and having a plate of spaghetti and a beer. Before long, about 30 of the nastiest, meanest looking bikers come roaring in to the parking lot and boisterously enter the diner -- taking over the tiny place.

The macho leader notices the trucker in the corner and goes over to "mark the territory." He starts giving the trucker a hard time, but the trucker is not to be provoked. Soon the leader is frustrated by the trucker's lack of response and he dumps the trucker's spaghetti plate right on his head.

The trucker is covered with noodles and sauce is dripping down his face. He tells the leader he doesn't want any trouble and cleans away the mess with a towel provided by the proprietor. The leader is not done with his provocation -- he tells the trucker he's a lily-livered sissy and dumps the trucker's beer right in his lap.

The trucker shoots to his feet -- the room is silent. The bikers think they're finally gonna see some action -- but the trucker just saunters over to the cash register, settles the check and strides out the door.

A minute or two passes and the leader decides to have the last word, "That guy sure isn't much of a man!" About 10 seconds of silence follow-- The silence is shattered by the sound of mangled metal and the words of the diner proprietor... "And he sure isn't much of a driver either. Looks like he just ran over a whole bunch of those Harleys in the parking lot!"

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