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Trying to find a specific type of butt plug.
So im in a long distance relationship, and my bf struggles with using dildos, apparently they won't stay in. He tried to use a butt plug but the one he got was too small. I'll probably end up stealing it from him next time I see him (whenever that is) What I'm trying to find now is one that is around 5-6 inches long, and goes up to 5 -6in circumference. 

It's so crazy to find find these things as looking for specifics will get me the completely wrong thing. If anyone can help me find one it would be greatly appreciated We don't want one that is all beads, and we only want silicone. Just a simple one that is just the right length. The ones I've been finding are just too massive or too small.

Also if it has vibration options that would be awesome too. I'm still looking just struggling
You might consider lovense (not a sponsor lol), your partner can control it from wherever he is so it can be a way to do stuff with your partner while he's away. It does seem to be a little under your specifications but might still be of interest...
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I would recommend a prostate massager, I got mine from SlipDix and it stays put, vibrates and pulsates, and gives me the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Highly recommend you check it out, I don’t even consider dildos or butt plugs after using one, seriously!!!

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