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Tumblr and questions
Some of you probably have a tumblr, so I'll ask you a question about it, you probably should know.

If I ask someone a question on tumblr and don't see an answer, does it mean that the owner of the tumblr just doesn't want to answer my question?
Don't turn your back at me. I will grasp onto your neck and bite through your carotid artery.
Sometimes when ive sent messages from my phone they do not send
I message my friend and he has the same problem replying to me

Otherwise you could be being ignored :-\
As mentioned, the phone and some websites don't work well together. Then now there are sites that do not work well with land based computers - you know the desktop variety. further more certain operating systems are just not working with a still largely Windows dominated internet. And then there is potential browser compatibility issues. why I recall when Firefox came out I had to use Explorer to post at some of my then favorite forums...

Like it or not, technology is not as integrated as the nerds/geeks want us to believe. We are still like a million years away from a period in technology where Romulan Devices will easily be hooked up to Star Fleet devices....
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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