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I don't why people gravitate to this site AND Facebook. I know they're popular sites and they're great sites to keep in touch with people. However, I really don't know why people are so obsessed with 'em too. I was considering in getting a Twitter account before it became popular. In fact, I have a friend who has been on there before Twitter was in style and I almost joined because of him. I was extremely close to joining it in the summer of 2009. There was this weird and unique Pokemon Twitter thingy going on there. I'd rather not say who they are, but I got that person to join Twitter because of that Pokemon thingy.
I can't speak for everyone but for me twitter is just a fun way to get in touch with all the people I'll never ever meet in real life.

I can see why some people won't care what FireFly's Nathan Fillion is going for lunch today.
Or how UFC fighter Jon Fitch training camp is going, but for whatever the reason I do.

Also what i said before Twitter knows the news before the news knows it's news, if something is happening in the world the Twitterverse is the first to report it. I get more info from twitter than an other news site you could ever visit.
I'm seriously considering joining Twitter. Good point about the news, Timmy. That's pretty much true.

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