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Two Things That Are Not Nice Together
Similar to the two things that are great together thread, post two things that aren't great together.

Bad jokes and fake laughter.
A person with different sexuality and a religious bigot.
(just saw a post on FB about that)
Arch Linux, Core i7 4770, GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 32GB DDR3 RAM
/home is where /root is.
spicy food & cola
Water and electricity.
Me and stupid people...
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
Train and a dead end...
Arch Linux, Core i7 4770, GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 32GB DDR3 RAM
/home is where /root is.
Already cold temperatures and a gale force wind.
The words 'pebble' and 'dash'
Troll the respawn Jeremy!
Sun and no clouds
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me and lame people x

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