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Two boys, At Swim
Anyone read this book? Took the writer 10 YEARS to write it. I'm just starting it......
I started reading it, 4 years ago, but I didn't finish. Hard reading for someone who is not a native speaker of English. I should have bought the Dutch translation!

But I liked the theme of the book, as I'm interested in Irish history and love between teenage boys.
Hi Norbert. I'm actually about a quarter way through. I thought it was going to be hard going because of the unusual writing style combined with the Irish way of saying things, but it became surprisingly easy after a while. I can understand your difficulty 'tho.

Set in about 1915, this also means things were said differently than they are now, so, just another thing to get to grips with.

Agreed, romance between young men is an attraction for me too (call me a sick old pervert:eekSmile , but so far the story is wonderful, both beautiful and hard edged.

Will let you know how I get on with it.

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