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Tyler Clementi Wanted His Dorm Room Changed
This is not a really great news story at all. Distressed Tyler Clementi Had Sought Room Change - The Early Show - CBS News

I wish he did get dorm room changed. I'm sure he would have been alive today. Who knows... maybe not. I really hate news stories like these.

I remember when I was getting harassed. However, this was online. I was harassed by a 44 year old man as well. My partner was to. My partner and I were both strong while that happened and we overcame it. Unfortunately, I believe that my partner digested what that creep said and now he's completely different. However, my partner could have committed suicide if I wasn't there.
First, I feel really sad about this news and I wish it would never happen again.

In my freshman year in college. My roommate moved out of the room after the first semester. ( which was a good thing for me since the school could not find a new roommate for me, I got a double room for myself ). He told me that was because one of his friend's roommate moved out so he filled his slot. However, I believe that was because he over heard some of my conversation with my best friend in which I mentioned about me being gay sometimes. When he moved out, I just wished that he would not tell anyone about me. Luckily, I transferred to another school now.
He made the request because of what his roommate and the other student did, the damage had already been done. His RA at Rutgers took his request seriously. Even if the RA had the power to instantly change his room I'm afraid things had already spiraled out of control for Clementi. This is a tragedy that didn't have to happen, but it doesn't appear at this time to be any negligence by Rutgers or his RA.

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