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i think presence of other forms of life should be dealt with at this time as ( cos of absence of enough evidence ) as a matter of possibilities , till proved otherwise .

if we consider the nucleic acids synthesis as the defining and universal criteria of life , and that the atmospheric and geological conditions of the earth billions of years ago had been what made the first nucleic acid - protein synthesis cycle(S) possible , then the possibility of occurrence of the same or similar conditions in another part of universe that physicists believe , is very small .. but possibilities are meant to help us ( to guess ) not to create the facts of the universe .

its more convenient to talk about intelligent existence , cos the word LIFE gives the impression of something that must be related to our own elements in the earth , carbon , H , O and N ... if we are talking about this large universe and disscusing all these tiny possibilities we have to consider an intelligent forms that may not be of carbon origin or may not reproduce !

personally i don't think there is another ( life ) but not dogmatic in my belief !

and its very bad that the scientific institutions that could provide information to help us in forming ideas about our universe are under such strong political influence
spotysocks Wrote:I d imagine they would have told you but who knows. It is not all abductees that have been implanted with micro-chips. Also memories of the abduction are often erased but do come back with regression- a method used by scientists when appropriate.

What is petri dish? Do you mean the theory about Earth being hollow? It is in the bible isnt it? Now whether it is the Devil or bad alien guys is a matter of the interpretation. There are huge boot camps and large underground military bases , this is not a conspiracy , there is prove of that however we dont know what is the use of these. Mdrbig

I also suppose where the focus of the MRI is and what they are looking for ...

Quote:I have a friend currently in Japan. He is a huge conspiracy guy... according to him the Earth is one huge petri dish. Aliens landed here with just an empty planet and humans were an experience. The aliens are still here and live in enormous underground cities. All the governments know about it...

a petri dish is one of those small dishes used in labs to cultivate microorganisms. The Aliens came down found this planet empty and started an experiment with humans being the outcome...
It still amazes me that people question whether UFOs are real or not. How many people have seen one, and how many artifacts in history are evidence of their having been here (including objects painted in medieval pictures, maps showing the antarctic landmass below the physical border of the current icecap prior to us even having the technology to define that landmass in the modern age, etc.) This issue is really an old one in human history.

Well, I for one have seen one. And I do not mean a light in the sky at night, but something during mid afternoon, on a partly cloudy but otherwise pleasant day here in San Diego, California, USA.

I was in my office looking out of my window to the north and slightly west toward the city of La Jolla which is on the Pacific coast near San Diego and about three miles north of an American naval air base (Miramar) which was the former location of what was called the Top Gun Flight School (some of you may remember it from the Tom Cruise movie).

I watched something moving in a strange way in the sky in the cloudbank that was just over the coast, but the sky was perfectly clear above me (a weather phenomenon common in Southern California called a Santa Ana caused by warm desert air to the east of us meeting damper air over the Pacific Ocean to the west).

It was a dark shadow moving something like a fish in a murky tank swimming in a fluid and sinuous way, and like nothing mechanical that I would expect to be in the air near our populous cities along the West coast of our military town. Then it slowly reached a break in the clouds where I would be able to see it more clearly. I waited with a sense of curiosity.

What emerged is extremely difficult for me to describe. I will tell you what I thought I saw, and then I will try to describe to you my explanation of what I actually believe I was seeing.

It was a huge circle in the sky, what I first perceived to be a huge balloon shape: it was a dark red-brown (color of a rusted iron frying pan) with a pattern of intersecting horizontal and vertical bands leaving small square spaces between the intersections which contained a very small octagonal shape.
I could only think that it was some new military craft from our local military bases on a test cruise, thinking that it might be something like a dirigible coming toward me head on so I could only perceive the circular nose.

Then the most amazing thing happened. It disappeared and was replaced by a thick black line. I did not see it move away, only change from a circle to a line. I was still gasping when suddenly it vanished and was replaced by the circle again, but this time smaller and deeper into the ever present cloud bank. Then the weirdest effect of all: imagine you see hugh soccer ball in the sky bouncing from cloud to cloud. That is the only imagery I can use to describe the apparent movement of the object. I was absolutely astonished, and to this day, am still awestruck by what I saw. Then, it simply vanished. Was just gone without appearing to have moved away, even at some very fast speed. Just gone.

Now, here is what my thought processes have led me to interpret from these observations. What I saw was actually a huge disk of alien construction moving south along the coast with the edge of the disk pointing down toward the suface. It had been moving in some pattern early on which allowed me to see some of its shape indistinctly in the clouds as a strange shadow.

Then I was only seeing the full circular shape of a disk as it emerged from the clouds allowing me to see its patterned surface, which then turned so quickly that I did not perceive movement, merely the shape of its edge, which then looked like a line. This explains circle to line. Then the disk moved faster than I could perceive back to its edge down position and a little further away from me, so it looked like the circle as before, but smaller. Shapes only appeared to have changed, and movement was not perceivable because of enormous speeds, which must mean inertia was dampened by technology we do not have. Then it moved up, sideways, down, and sideways, etc. again faster than I could follow with my sight, pausing only brief movements before moving again, which gave the illusion of a bouncing ball. Then it left, and moved faster than sight could follow. Nothing more.

I did not report this to anyone, but checked all possible news sources from TV to newspapers for the next several days. No reports. Either no one else saw it (unlikely), or our little military town (major American military port for the US Navy) has lots of control over the media. In fact, frequently military craft would fly over the building I was in going from Miramar Naval Air Station north toward the marine base at Camp Pendelton transporting military personnel, so their presence in the area has been quite apparent for many many years. I also know the area must be heavily controlled by radar because of all the military aircraft it controls. Miramar is a military airport after all. But no news, zip, nada, none. I was at work, I had been carrying on business, I was not drinking, or using drugs or medications, I was in complete control of myself before, during and after.

What I saw, I saw. Nothing explained it, but I saw it. And in such sightings I am not alone. If only one of these UFO encounters is real (and I do not expect you to take my word alone for this), then the case for the visitation to earth by aliens is a fact. For me it will always be, must be, a fact.

I write this to you as a story from someone who claims it personally. The history of such sightings is enormous. Google "UFO" to hear more such stories, and check your libraries on the literature. You may be amused to know one of the very first documented UFOs comes from the log of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus who reports a strange light in the sky when he was first approaching what we now call America from the area known as the Sargasso sea, not far from the so called Bermuda Triangle. Its quite convincing. And the documentation is beyond dispute.

They are up there people. I do believe we have been observed for many centuries. But their intentions are unknown, and probably unknowable. I do not think of them as a threat, but I don't know if I would approve of their methods or their goals. Perhaps they are just waiting for us to grow up enough to meet with them formally. For a mature human race to emerge from its childhood.

Well, just thought I'd tell my tale. Looking forward to talking to you all more about these things...

I've got lots of interests Scatter
If you take UFO to mean Unidentified Flying Object, stating they do not exist means that every object that has been observed to be flying has been properly identified, at least by someone. To me this is absurdly over optimistic. As to whether these objects are aliens, I am a profound sceptic.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
fredv3b Wrote:If you take UFO to mean Unidentified Flying Object, stating they do not exist means that every object that has been observed to be flying has been properly identified, at least by someone. To me this is absurdly over optimistic. As to whether these objects are aliens, I am a profound sceptic.

I can understand your skepticism, and skepticism is good at reinforcing the quest for valid understanding, but I know that what I saw was a craft, not a weather phenomenon. As such, it moved in such a way that I believed it could not have been built with what I understand to be 21st century technology. So if we have post 21st century technology here, it could be a time traveler, but I say that tongue in cheek. The laws of inertia perhaps being modified or suspended allowed the speed of the craft to be sufficient to appear to change position without moving. I don't believe we have that technology. It did not display wings as would a traditional aircraft, nor jets like a rocket would have, and it was certainly not a lighter than air craft moving with the winds.

I think the best guess would be an alien technology visiting our earth. I didn't see them myself personally, and I don't know for sure what it was that I saw, but I know that my description of the event given the limitations of typing quickly online is correct so...

What would be your best guess: 1) lying 2) crazy 3) lying about being crazy 4) other

This event has started me on a curious quest for understanding, and I like to speak right up in the proper forum.

Have I made an error about this being a proper forum?
I don't blame anyone for waiting to see something for themselves before committing themselves to a point of view. I just know that what I saw was real, given the context of the events.

Given the circumstances, I think speaking up is better than being silent.
I have no idea what it was that you did see. However we know from the recollections of (perfectly normal, sane, etc.) witnesses of crimes that those recollections are not nearly as accurate as they think even after a short period of time. Also I find the idea that a civilisation whose technology is so advanced as to allow practicable interstellar space travel would then peer at us from the clouds occasionally accidentally being seen to be absurd. If they wanted to just quietly observe us I am sure they would have orbital satellite technology more than capable of doing that.

Just because I don't have a reasonable explanation for a phenomenon does not mean I am ready to accept someone else's.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
An UFO is as we all know is an Unidentified Flying Object which has not been identified as a aircraft or a natural phenomenon etc., most are proved to be one or the other, but some are still a mystery.

I have seen a pairs UFOs flying over my parents house in Essex, England., this happened on a cloudless night during the late 80s or early 90s. I now think they were a pair of F117s on a training flight over England, because the two UFOs I saw were just black shapes with no lights showing.

After the Roswell incident the US Air Force did start investigating UFOs, in 1952 the USAF started the Project Blue Book. This was a small team of Air Force personnel, headed by a junior ranedk officer (captain), this does show how serious the USAF took the UFOs. The Project Blue Book had two goals, first to determine if the UFOs posed any threat to the USA and then to scientifically analyze UFO-related data. Its investigations after collecting thousands of UFO sightings, concluded that most were an aircraft, weather ballons or their favourite answer was the planet Venus. The project was terminated in December 1969, the results of this project was published in the Condon Report. The results were that the UFOs posed no threat the the USA and there was no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as "unidentified" were extraterrestrial craft.

There have been many UFO sightings all over the world, from early cave drawings of aliens with space helmets on to recent video footage of UFOs. If some are from another world, why have they not contacted us? Maybe they are waiting for us to develop a stable and civilised world without war and one central government for the planet. It does seem strange that just after we develop the A-bomb there was an increase in UFOs sightings, maybe there are now watching our progress into space.
[Image: us-air-force-aircraft-identification-cha...426-22.jpg]
I need a guy whose name doesn't end in .JPG

так что вы приняли время для перевода этого

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:After the Roswell incident the US Air Force did start investigating UFOs, in 1952 the USAF started the Project Blue Book.

I'd be surprised if they did not investigate at least some sighting on an ad hoc basis before that on the basis that they might be secret Soviet aircraft. But 1952 sounds about right for formalising investigations.

Baz, Funnypost

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

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