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US History sucks!
I wish I could take an Australian History course instead. Anyone know where I could learn more about Aussie History? I'm failing my US History course. I hate it! :mad:
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There are a lot of interesting things in US History, yes parts of it are a bit dull, and if you have to memorize the Constitution like I did back when I was in high school, then yes it's tedious. Still it is good to know the past of your Country, find a reason to get interested in US History and pass the class.

As for learning Australian History, I'm sure there are plenty of websites to get you started and, books you could buy as well.
If you had to learn romanian history you would have failed it. Though it;s nice and interesting ... it is a fucking lot of learning ... From Dacia vs Romans ... all the way to Ceausescu .... donno how you can fail on the American history Tongue
Aussie History & American they both start with an A
Try to find something interesting like Blu said, maybe find out if someone you're studying is gay, and it helps to write everything down over and over again.
History never sucks. Well almost never sucks... Ok, yeah History sucks a lot.

But it can be very interesting and thought provoking.

You are failing the subject - why? What part of the whole 'lessons of history' are you stuck on? Is it dates and names? If so try coming up with memes.

There are a few poems out there about historical events: is a good example. The poem gives us clues as to people, places and dates which in the form of prose makes it easier to recall.


In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

(blah blah blah)

Remember, Remember the 5th of November...

Wait that one isn't part of US history.....

Australian History really isn't that much easier than American History. you are just fascinated by the Auzzie blokes and their accent and maybe the fact that there are wild flocks of kangaroo... It sounds romantic and interesting, thus you are attracted to it.

You just need to find things attractive about US history... Sure Ben Franklin wasn't a very attractive man, but did you know he took 'moon baths' - meaning he would wake up in the middle of the night and sit outside in the nude?

He was also a consummate lover - having lots of women on the side.... How could this man woo so many lady's hearts when he really wasn't that attractive?

Like gossip? Well US history is full of juicy details that you can sling around like mud... Sure you have to dig a little to find it, but it is there.

You are making the whole learning of US history into something drab and boring, you need to figure out ways to make it more interesting to you.

I bet if you looked up the names of people that teacher throws your way you can find 'dark' secrets and report back to the class the gossip... Earn extra credit for digging up those secrets.

I heard rumors lately that Malcolm X was actually a bi-sexual and had a white man as a lover!:eek: Talk about juicy bits of gossip.....

I bet they don't teach that in school.... :biggrin:
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My problem with U.S history was becoming increasingly disillusioned when our unsavory past began to catch up with me and I realized most of what I learned in elementary school was a sugar-coated lie.

But you just need to dig further in and unearth the interesting gems that school doesn't see fit to teach you. Pick something that you're particularly interested in and read, read, read. You'd be surprised what you can find.

For example, I used to study the history of Oregon, my home state. People think that Oregon is some land of hippies, greenery and peace.....oh sir, no its not. There is a LOT of unsavory things that have happened here in the past which I never learned about in school. Just read on what you are curious about and you'll discover some pretty interesting things have taken place throughout the ages....whatever your historical interests may be.

Oh yes, regarding Aussie history, the internet is your friend. Wikipedia Australia and follow up on some of the links the hit provides at the bottom of the page. Confusedmile:
The US history is fascinating and sometimes is boring, YES Benjamin Franklin an extraordinary and universal man, General Lee, George Washington, Franklin D Roosevelt, Jefferson, history also helps us to understand the present to build a better future. You don´t have to concentrate only in the patriotic issues but also in the legacy of the events, and if you show a little bit more interest in details out of class, teachers love tend to value that.
I read history books for fun when I was at school, but it was never topics that I was meant to be studying! I seem to remember being forced to study the Parliamentary Reform Act of 1832. That was a big yawn, for me anyway. I've remembered nothing about it :biggrin:
Unfortunately the history of any nation that is taught in school is 'sugar coated' propaganda geared at firing up patriotism in the youth of a nation, because quiet frankly the truth about the history of a nation can be rather disturbing.

The history of both Australia and America are equally blighted with savagery and violence, pillaging, brainwashing and untruths, all commited against the natives of the land by the decrepid Europeans who stole the land.

I actually used to get up and walk out of history classes when I was in my first year at high school, mainly because the teacher at the time was pro-nazi and I was going through my psuedo-hippy phase.

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