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I just wanted to say...

I have the best boyfriend in the world and am literally the luckiest guy. And even though things are not perfect, our 'connection' as we call it is other'worldly and I just fsdkhgfjd
I am very happy for you Ryan Bighug
I wish you the very best of luck and may your relationship grow fonder and fonder each day.
It's always nice to hear when a relationship is going well, And I wish you both all the very best for the future together X Confusedmile:
Good on you Ryan, I am so happy to hear this Wink
love all of you, thank you so much! i always have a bit of trouble talking about 'us' cause it's just so special and on such a deep level...but that's alright
Awww dude! Im so happy for you! Smile
Aw. It's great to have a relationship like that. :3
That is awesome ,I am so happy for you.Xyxthumbs
Smlove2 aww, best wishes to you both
Wonderful...........all the best with it all.........Confusedmile:

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