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Unitarian Universalist miracles or visions?
Just curious, anyone of this religion or know of anyone who is who reports such things?

My experience is that most individual UUs have a "primary" religion (typically Christian, but any can be found, including various types of shamanism and neo-paganism) but believe most to all religions are valid (as they're all subjective paths to the same higher reality) so my guess would be individual UUs who have a vision, miracle, or other mystical experience associated with a religious experience would put it in terms of their "primary" (so a UU who was raised Christian might see Jesus, a Wiccan might experience a goddess or even The Goddess, etc). But I've never heard of any. I have of guests who visited a church off & on, but not actual UU members (that is, listed themselves officially as UU).

Anyone care to share someone's UU divine experience?

I'd be especially curious about a UU who had a primary religion yet had an experience with a divinity in ANOTHER religion (especially if the UU didn't change "primaries" as a result).
Sorry Pix, can't help here, ... so far. Good luck finding those other people.
My understanding of the Church is that it is simply a gathering place for people who believe in individual search for religious truth, not that all are valid. Rather, they believe that it is always up to the individual to determine their religious values, which leads them to allowing most religious views to be allowed in their church. So, it would be weird for a Unitarian who believed in Christianity to think they received a miraculous message from another deity. Unless they ascribed specifically to some sort of polytheistic or deistic view.
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
Well, I'm not UU, never have been but, I have been a part of what many call miracles - twice. Long time ago but, my now ex father was the camp ranger for the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) camp in southern California. I honestly don't remember if it was '82 or '83. It was a drought year though, that's what set it all in motion.

First, over the winter there were forest fires that threatened the camp. We were ordered to evacuate but, we prayed and, miles of the ridgeline were ablaze, there was no way that fire was going out anytime soon, yet in minutes it WAS out, completely, no rain, nothing, just no more fire and, the camp was safe.

Then summer came and, of course the camp was full of summer campers and staff. 500 people (I know because that's how many we had to cook for each meal and, I was one of the dishwashers that summer) Mid July we ran out of water, the camp would have to be closed that Sunday. All the staff held an all night prayer vigil for water and, we got water. The takes were overflowing so much that the streams below them were filled and, it like to have flooded the horse corrals out. Again no rain, nothing natural that could have given us that much water that fast and, yet we were drinking it, bathing in it, swimming in it, etc...

That was the second water miracle for that camp, as I later learned it had happened before, in 1970.

Still, that wasn't enough to keep me an Adventist, or even a Christian. Yes I do think there is a God of some kind but, was that God Power or people power, will and intent at work? I don't know because I know the power of will and intent, perhaps too well for my own good.

While the easy answer is that it was all miracles from God, I have to wonder if the will and intent of 250 people wasn't enough to do it all.

I know that isn't exactly what you asked, but maybe it offers you at least one perspective on miracles from someone who has experienced them or, what can be interpreted as miracles first hand.
thanks Blue, I didn't want to seem like the only crazy person. my aunt had back problems from I think it was an out of place disc in her back, she went to one of the church's women retreats and after a night of prayer she noticed she was bending and her back didn't hurt anymore, after that she danced the rest of the night and she hasn't had any serious problems yet. unfortunately for my uncle she will not stop doing home projects now.:tongue: I still don't know what to think of my grandmother, she was having chest pains so the family and church started praying for her and at the hospital she found out that her arteries were blocked 100% but she didn't die from it.

I'm still a little confused on what happens to me, I have visions some times. it's been a while since I last had one but most of the time it's of random conversations but in the visions everything is exactly how it happens, what the people are wearing (even in the background) and I could have told my sister exactly what she was about to say but I didn't want to freak her out. but those were not connected to any type of religion. the one I did have was after praying for a new car to get me from school to work and I had a vision of a black coupe with a sun roof, the next week we went out looking for a car and I found it.

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