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okay, so...
being new here i've noticed there are several things i cannot do until i've posted a certain number of times.
i cannot post links of any kind, send pms, etc...
i totally get why; that's not what i'd like to know. what i'd like to know:
is there somewhere on here where those things are listed, and how many posts it will take to unlock them -in one spot?
because i cannot find that, if it exists. alternatively, can somebody give me quick run down? it'd be appreciated. kthx.
I think 50 posts .... but where you can find it, I don´t know :confused:
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50 posts unlocks most everything in the forum I believe. I've seen this on other forums as well, that you need 50 posts to do more, especially on gay forums. It keeps the trolls at bay since they don't expend the time necessary to get the post count that high.

The only thing I believe you get for posting more are the user titles (if you get over 1000 you can make your own).
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50 is correct, I don't believe it's listed anywhere other than here:

Posting links, pics, vids
Initiate Friendships (not certain on that one, I skipped to >50 pretty quick)
Posting in the following boards:
Coming Out
Need Your Advice
Health and Sex

Also a bar at the bottom of screen showing Who's Online and allowing you to chat with them (like Facebook chat if you're familiar)
Chat (public) at the top of the home screen

I think that covers it all... though I may be forgetting something...
Now I just pray you're not asking so that you can quickly reach 50 and use all of these methods to troll the forum.... I would feel really bad for that.... Sad
no no, im not a troll.
but i just kept getting the "you cant do that newb!" message and it was getting irritating.
just wanted to know when it would be over with.
if i was gonna have to have 1000 posts to make a link i'd have been ...disheartened.
so 50 is the final unlock then ...kthx.

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