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Up chit creek with out a paddle!
My Tallywhacker went numb today. Im hoping this problem goes away on its own. If not I dont know what I am going to do. I cant pop a erection either with it like this. Tried masturbating and it took me a hour and a half to get off. It usually takes me 20 minutes tops. I know yall have no idea whats wrong with me. If the symptoms persist I know my best bet would be going and seeing a urologist which I dont have the money to do. FML!!!!!!
when anything goes "numb" on your body the most common reason is lack of blood (blodflow) which is the base need to get it "up" and "off"

this happens to allot of us just from sitting wrong and cutting off blood supply, like a leg going to sleep
I don't know how old you are but a common problem with men..especially over an enlarged prostate. They say the longer you live...if you are a male you will most likely have an enlarged prostrate...extremely common.

If you want to troubleshoot and cannot afford the medical care try cranberry pills and lots of water and there are other natural methods as well...see if it helps. It will not hurt at all so there is nothing to lose...good luck! I hope you figure it out. In the meantime...try to relax because if you develop anxiety about it that can complicate any physical condition.
My tallywhacker woke back up today. Yesterday was quite scary, Every mans worst nightmare. I woke this morning and i had feeling back. Just got done testing it out before I go to sleep and got off in under twenty minutes so all systems are good now.Invasion
it could have been the result of just simple fatigue...

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