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Upcoming ex nun nerdy stand up comedy (NYC, etc)
Hey, if you are into comedy (or even if you don't usually like comedy, I am a different kind of stand up comic) you might want to come to my new show:

Why Is the Fat One Always Angry: Kelli Dunham's I'm Still Funny Dammit Comedy Storytelling Show

Kelli Dunham is a genderqueer Brooklyn based ex-nun nerdcomic; a Wisconsin farmboi transplant who juxtaposes midwestern friendliness with New York attitude in a way that has been described as both "horrifying" and "hilarious."

In "Why Is The Fat One Always Angry" (her sixth one person show and her soon to be released third comedy CD) she continues on her quest to make comedy where slam poetry dares not tread. The show will address the important questions of our time, such as:

Why were there so many failed tubal ligations the year Kelli was born?
Is it okay to call your mom for the sole purpose of obtaining comedy material?
How is the Bible like the DSM?
What does being over 40 have to do with dead rabbits and the butch ego?
How many library books can one person take on vacation anyway?

Opening for Kelli will be Philadelphia's Superhero Storyteller R Eric Thomas.

Advance tickets through kellidunham dot com

More about Kelli

Kelli Dunham is the winner of the 2007 Fresh Fruit Festival Award of Distinction for stand up comedy, although she has never before or since been called distinguished. She has performed nationwide at LGBT pride events (Seattle, Long Beach CA, Rhode Island, Baltimore, Atlanta), colleges (University of Delaware, Penn State University, Smith College, Temple University, Colorado State University) and even the occasional livestock auction. Both her comedy CDs, “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” and “Almost Pretty” are on regular rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio's mainstream comedy station and she has appeared on Showtime and the Discovery Network.

She is the co-founder and co-producer of Queer Memoir, the popular NYC based storytelling event and the author of four books, including two health books for pre-teens which were, strangely enough, selected to be used by the Sonlight Christian Schools Homeschooling Curriculum as part of their science and wellness program.

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