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Update-he likes me-we're dating
So about a week ago, I was asking about this guy I had a crush on, he would pin me down and tickle me (mercilessly) and tell me I have "bedroom eyes" and I wasn't sure if he was flirting with me or hitting on me or what cause I'm inexperienced with guys and was a virgin.

He's very handsome so I felt intimidated and you guys all said that he was definitely into me and you were right!

I was alone at his place, when he started tickling me, I tickled him back (he's very ticklish and I love his laugh).
I just told him outright that he was turning me on and flirted back and well, when I asked him if he liked me he just smiled and kissed me (with tongue)!

He said he "fancies me" and one thing led to another and I'm not a virgin anymore.

We're dating now, I really like him, and I have no complaints (except I still hate it when he tickles me, but I tickle him back now).

I just wanted to thank everybody for helping me and giving the confidence to finally flirt back.
Congratulations I am so happy for you Smile
An eye for an eye
That's so sweet - glad it's turned out well and best happiness for the future Smile
Troll the respawn Jeremy!
so cute! thanks for sharing that everything ended well <3

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