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Vaseline and toys
Hi all! Just had a question in regards to lubrication and anal play. I currently have a larger dildo I am going to try and work in tonight, as well as a large size butt plug. I have various sorts of lube, but I like vaseline when its just me and my finger. Is it okay to use vaseline on dildos and but plugs? I'm almost certain they are not made of rubber or latex. Thanks guys and gals
There are water soluble lubes that work too. Just clean up might be easier, more complete. Like leave a big grease spot on your clothing or bed and see where it gets you? Some lubes have a better scent, dont know if that is important.

Vaseline with condoms, it can break down the latex. but i dont know the process and if it were to effect latex toys.
Yeah Vaseline will destroy latex with constant use and tends to be more problematic for the jelly based toys. There are however silicon based toys and lubes available which might work well for you.
Oils, be it petroleum, vegetable (oil or Crisco) will break down latex, even some hand lotions have oils in them which can break down latex, weaken it.

Baby oil - Bad, Butter - bad, margarine, bad.

Polyurethane products one can use oils with.

All others you need a water based lubricant.
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