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Video Games Advice
Dead Souls is seriously difficult solo, some say impossible -but quite a beauty.
Dead Island is great solo, and way better than Dead Rising.
However, if the zombie apocalypse is not your theme avoid it.
Rage is fantastic, albeit short.
I'm not a fan of the Modern Warfare games -don't care for that theme.
uncharted 3 is amazing, you should totally get it just beat it last night. MW3 is so addictive I guess you know that since you played the previous ones!
Resistance 3 is also worth a look, I think it's very underrated.
Uncharted 3!<3 and Skyrim! I've been am Elder Scrolls fan since Morrowind. Loved it. All hail the Bosmer!~
I can't play Dead Island due to the fact I HIGHLY dislike zombies and they scare the ba jeezus outta me.
I have to say yay for any Modern Warfare and Gears of War since shoot em up games are a plus. :3
I don't really care for Rage, but you might like it!

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