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Visa denials?

I have a question to which I'm not sure I will get an exact answer, but I'd really appreciate your opinions since I'm really in doubt about this.

Anyway, I suffer from a mental disease which is usually under control, but there are times it gets out of hand. Rarely, psychosis occur and upon such occasion I got so paranoid that I believed my life was in danger and I went straight to the US embassy(?) to seek protection.
I feel very embarrassed even typing this.

Long story short, they talked to me, gave me this paper to sign agreeing that I shall not disclose to anyone about the visit and kindly noted there is nothing that they can do.

What is the problem, you may ask.
Well if I am to travel to the States someday and request a visa, would they reject me based on that incident? Clearly they realized I was out of my mind at the time, but I'm not sure is that a legitimate reason to deny someone a visa.

Surely, I could provide a notice from my doctor that my mental state is alright and that I do not pose danger to myself nor others around me.

I would really love if there are people from legal here or someone who has more knowledge about it because it'd be really bummed if I get prevented from entering the US because a silly thing such as this.
Ask the folks at the embassy.
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don't dwell on this episode as its in your past now and over with buddy - if you need to go to the USA in the future then im sure you can get whatever approval you need to enter via your doctor anyway
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