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WW2 Bomb in Munich exploded

34 hours after finding a WW2 Bomb Munich had a "controlled" explosion.

( In Germany they find every year till 5000 WW2 Bombs.... and nearly 100 000 are under the ground till now )
That was "controlled"? :eek:

It's a shame that, in times of conflict, we forget what we leave behind.

usually the duds are driven out of the cities. But this was to rotten to move, some roofs have burned and lots of Windows are broken.

But @ Monk... I think in Times of War nobody thinks what happens after a war.... and thats till today the same.

After bombing Dresden the Frauenkirche was complete destroyed .... and the new Cross came from the UK .... a great sign of peace.
The translated Site says: "On the dome of the Frauenkirche radiates a newly-made tower cross. In a special way, it symbolizes the power of reconciliation. Donated by the British people and the Royal Family of Great Britain and made ​​by the son of a pilot who once bombed Dresden, it now proclaims the message of the Frauenkirche: Building Bridges - living reconciliation - strengthen faith."

Today morning
I am so glad they found it and got rid of it.

17 houses damaged
2 shops burned out
some homes uninhabitable or dilapidated
Yesterday in Viersen / Germany .... a WW2 250kg bomb exploded


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