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Walmart and sex toys........
I had to make a run to Walmart this evening with my brother to pick up a few things. When we were walking out the front doors after we had checked out we were approached by a black fellow that was looking for a ride him and his "friend". They had just moved down here from Charlotte NC. They were wondering if we could give them ride to there house a half mile away. We obliged and gave them a ride. They seemed to be nice enough people. I feel like I missed a opportunity to talk to other people like me face to face and sorta regret not talking to them more. Oh well.

After we dropped them off we stopped by the porn shop and I bought my first toy. I originally went in there to buy a small cat o' nine tails but they were out of them. I browsed and looked around the store at the different toys they had available. I took a quick peek at what they had available when it came to movies and skin mags too. I was looking for a small toy to start out with to stimulate my prostate and wasnt to pricey. I settled on a waterproof three speed six inch pink G spot power bullet. Its called the Wisteria Breeze by BMS Enterprises. Havent used it yet but Ill have to give yall a review once I do.
Yes, you do that Ben. We don't seem to have a toys thread on here...
And here I was, thinking that I could buy dildos at amazingly low prices...
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3 speed power bullet, that sounds terrifying
Ive used twice so far and the jury is still out. Im an novice at using toys and prostate stimulation. I have had mixed results so far. I read reviews to a product very similiar and some people thought it was the best thing on earth while other said it did nothing for them. Im going to keep trying though. Comfort and size wise its a good toy for a beginner.

TimmyThink Wrote:3 speed power bullet, that sounds terrifying

Think thats scary. Try the name "The A$S RAMMER 2000" on for size. In all seriousness though the scary 3 speed power bullet is one of the smallest toys you can buy. It runs on two AAA batterys.

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