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Warning labels
I only find it appropriate to post this thread here and no where else.

Are you one of those people who like to read the warning labels on everything you buy just to see what it says and maybe get a good laugh at it? Well your not alone. I too like to read those labels and see what it might contain.

I will start it off a little reminder. You know how to buy a blow dryer and it says not to use it in the shower. You know they wouldnt put these labels on these products if someone hasent done it. Now who in thier right mind would be taking a shower or bath and think, "I think I might save me a little time this morning since I am running late and blow dry my hair right after I wash it." Some people in this world are just not right and I think they need to me lined up and either shot or something.

Here is the one I just saw. I bought a tube of carmax lip balm the other day and just out of curiosity I thought I might read the back to see if they had a warning label and low and behold they did. The warning was, "This product is for external use only. Not for use on your eyes."
Who in thier right mind was thinking, "OMG. My eyes are dryed out and I have no eye drops, but I do have this carmax. Let me put that on there." Some people really surprise me.

If you have a funny warning label from a product you have bought or seen then go ahead and post it here and lets see what we might come up with.
Smoking can endanger your health!

Hell, living can endanger your health :biggrin:

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