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Was there a moment you realized that you were gay?
I think it was somewhere around age of 16-17 when I started to notice the guy instead of the girls in porno, now I most watch gay porn. When I look back at it now there were clear signs that I might become it, but as innocent as a kid can be they know nothing about sexuality. I am still not sure... But I've never crushed on someone, girl nor guy or asked anyone out, might because I am very shy but still. There is only one girl that I've had a crush on and it was a Finnish cutie from my class during my elementary school, I still harbor the same feelings and I am not sure why, guess the first love is always the strongest.
i can sayit was at 12-13 in my firstyear of secundary school. You know how kids like to experiment in light sexualstuff wutheach other... then i realized i liked men! and idid a retrospective and see that since i was a child the tendences where there only the sexuality as it hasn't developed because iwas to little to care about sex. So i think one's born gay (:

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