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Wavey has a humorous way of putting simple things simply.
Check this out.

For real. He's freaking hilarious and damn cute!!! I love the message in this vid though, I'm certain we've all heard people say those exact same things... and though they can occasionally come with some honestly good intentions.... it really gets old. lol Confusedmile:
"Except penis, we all like that." I died.
I wander if his was naked when he taped this :biggrin:
and yes we do all like the penis
BabyPolarBear Wrote:I wander if his was naked when he taped this :biggrin:
and yes we do all like the penis

Wavey Davey has quite a following now... Check him out on YouTube... He practically ALWAYS stands there half naked or almost naked in his underpants...
Omg. I love Davey Wavey! I've always watched his videos. He's just too funny and so..realistic. He knows how to say things just right.
He is so funny...I have watched his stuff before. I cracked up when he mentioned the straight person setting you up with the 'other" gay person they know. I allowed this to happen once...the date from hell.
I've watched some of his stuff on YouTube & am subscribed to him too...

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