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Waxing and shaving
I have facial hair (not too much, but enough that it is annoying to shave). As a teen, it takes me about 3-4 weeks to grow it back and it's really annoying to shave. I hate it! :mad: Anyway, today after last shaving on August 30, I got a waxing of my facial hair (not the mustache, I'll do that myself). It hurt! I never thought a waxing would be that bad. So how long do waxings typically last? Does the hair grow back any faster from shaving or waxing? Which one is the better and more time-saving option for me? Oh and does waxing hurt less as you do it more?
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Waxing lasts a bit longer, but IMO, not long enough to be worth the pain. Try Magic Brand shaving powder, just as good as waxing and no pain, takes 5-7 minutes when needed and you simply wash the beard, or other hair off, no razor, no cuts, no problem.
Waxing will last about 6 weeks and the hair does grow back thinner.

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