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"We begin bombing in five minutes"
Earlier today I got to talking with a couple of friends about Romney's stupid lines (from not opening windows on flying planes to cold fusion to...well to list everything would be TLDR). Some say this is actually just dry humor on Romney's part. We have a hard time believing that, and we've all noticed that when the more hardcore conservatives think they're among themselves they have a tendency to say things bluntly but when in mixed company say they don't mean that at all (and/or they're practicing some kind of doublethink, not absolutely sure).

Anyway we got to talking about how maybe Republicans just don't have a good sense of humor and commented on the lack of conservative comedians (at least those that are funny)...even the few who are funny at times tend to be cruel (granted, American humor in general tends to be cruel to someone but they put on the brass knuckles before they begin punching, and why not their target audience publicly cheers at the thought of letting someone without insurance die). I mentioned reading about Reagan saying they outlawed Russia and would begin bombing in 15 minutes (so I was 10 minutes off, it was over 10 years ago when I read it) and I thought that was funny. They hadn't heard of it so I said I'd look it up and send them a link. And I did a few hours ago

And when I imagined Reagan saying that I was imagining a tone of voice like you'd hear in South Park (that is no way could you take it serious), but hearing the audio he sounded very serious (even if there was someone laughing in the background):

How he actually said it wasn't how I imagined it. And it occurred to me if Romney or Bush and especially Perry or Bachmann said something like that (and in that tone of voice) I'd have to wonder if they were serious...and the Cold War isn't even going on anymore (granted, Romney doesn't know that). And I'm did America react when that happened? And would it seem scary or a lot scarier if say a President Romney said that? :confused:

(Too bad that didn't come out in time for Atomic Cafe as that would've been PERFECT for it.)
Mr. Reagan had his 'dark spots' but he you can't really compare him to modern day Republicans.

The bombing of Russia as a sentiment many Americans had at that time. It was the Cold War, most of us at that time were terrified of the USA and USSR going to war. He was a product of that Cold war as were the rest of us who remember elementary school and the foolish notion that if a bomb went off we would be OK with Duck and Cover.

Also understand that this was a sound check. I doubt Mr. Reagan would have voiced such a 'joke' to a public audience. Unlike Romney and his story of his dog on the roof, or his most recent 'telling' moment when he basically threw 47% of the USA under the bus to a live audience.

Mr. Reagan also had a bit more 'truth' and 'childlike wonder' to him - I don't dare say liberalism... After all he was the one that kept on asking 'What would happen if a Alien invasion took place?'

If Romney said something like that, coupled with his idea that Russia (A Free Democracy now) is somehow still our enemy as it was during the Soviet Days, it would be terrifying even as a joke.

Mr. Reagan was also an actor, thus doing 'straight faced' humor was something he was trained to do. While this is only an audio recording, I suspect he was at least smiling with his eyes.

Mr. Reagan, although considered 'only an actor' had a very good idea of what was going on in the current world (for his time), he was also on personal friendly terms with the Leader(s) of the USSR during his later presidency.

As far as I can remember, Reagan wasn't as wishy-washy on all subjects, He was also bi-partisan and actually tried to work with Democrats:

Granted a few days have past since I voted for Reagan (Yes, I voted for him as president - second term), but I recall him as being a better person than Romney.

Sorry Walter Mondale scared me - not as much as Romney or Palin, but enough to get me to vote Republican.

The 1980's are nothing like the 21st century. We had a clear, singular enemy (the Soviet Union), while the economy was bad, it wasn't this bad. We were also recovering from the Iranian hostage crises. All war taking place at that time was the two superpowers using third parties to fight the Cold war.

If Romney said this I would be outside with a shovel rapidly increasing the size of the root cellar to act as a fall out shelter - or a grave....
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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If you vote in a guy who wants to open aeroplane windows


They dont open as the air sucks everything out and with him in power america will be sucked dry!

I dont take the whole dry humour crap its just a show to be honest and i wouldnt feel confident voting in somethiing with that mentality...
If Romney had said that, I'd be spending every dime in my bank accounts to get a few select friends plane ticket, then taking this place 100% off grid fast enough to make heads spin. (shh don't tell them I can do that in a matter of minutes :tongue: )

It is a different world now than when Reagan was president, worse in my opinion. In some ways I miss the world I grew up and, spent the first quarter of my adult life living in. I suppose the older we get the more we want to turn back the hands of time to fix everything from the state of the world to personal mistakes.
its a recession and an incumbent office so probably the GOP did not put their best man forth.

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