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We had a date....what next?
So, I went on this date with a cute guy (very cute) we talked, had a few drinks and nothing felt awkward.
We texted about a week before we met, and a few days after we still texted.

But, im new to dating (I never dated before I was 27) so I don't know how to flirt, if he was flirting or anything. He kept touching my arm, was this flirting?
Im also very shy, so I don't know if it came across as if I didn't like him or want to be there.

I asked him out again and he said sure, I asked him a few days later when he was free and he said he was feeling pretty ill and he'll get back to me.
We haven't really texted much, I asked how he was and he just said hes getting better and that was it.

Its kinda bugging me, because this was the first guy I went on a date with where I didn't see his dick before meeting (I never ask, I just get sent them) and the first guy who didn't talk about sex. It was nice, hes different.

Should I ask him again, I don't wanna come on too hard/annoying.
How long should you wait till a next date, 1, maybe 2 weeks?
Ok, I'm not exactly dating savvy, but one thing I would advice you is to stop second guessing yourself this much. You are overthinking this way too much.

He said he'd get back, so wait. If he doesn't do it, then move on. If he does, all good.

How much time to wait? I dunno, maybe think about the last time you were sick and how loing it took you to recover?
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Stop trying to flirt, be yourself. flirting isn't a skill like a lot of people think.
It's natural either you have it or not. If you try to flirt it comes off as acting and acting is a lie Wink

Instead of sitting home and waiting to see if he's gonna text you back go on other dates, there's nothing wrong with that. You are still single and there are no rules to only dating one at a time.
In my experiences it's heartbreaking and time wasting, I dated a lyer, a cheater, a married guy who said was single, a stalker and a lyer again. Untill I found the man I'm with right now.

Does he live alone? If so, you can text him saying, If you need anything or if there's anything I can do feel free to ask.

Who knows maybe he'll invite you at his home and you can play doctor for him.. Or nurse whatever turns you guys on :p
Awww Proud of you for stepping out, Like [MENTION=20944]Ammon[/MENTION], Be yourself! Don't try to put on to make him like you. Just keep taking things slow but don't hold out and make him feel like his only trying to make the relationship work by himself. Keep up updated
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