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Weirdest thing you've done?
I am currently sitting in my room
In my pajamas
With my panties on the outside
Well, it's started with my friend buying a new pair of Halloween panties. As soon as we got to my house, she took off the tags and threw them on
Outside her pants
This joke was based off a video we watched on Youtube
Well, I had a pair of Halloween panties so I was all "AHMAHGOB! I shall join you!" (yes, I do talk like that, not sure why)
So I threw a pair of orange kitty halloween panties on OVER my cupcake pj pants
I took her home later and then went to the store
With my panties still over my pjs
This just had me laughing all the way home
And now I have to ask

What is the weirdest thing you've done just for the hell of it?
I'd love to hear everyone's stories!
Hmm.....good question.

I suppose the weirdest thing I have ever done is walk about two miles to a store with three of my friends. We all went wearing old WWII era gas masks from England. Why? For the hell of it.

Then there was the year I was in high school where I thought purple/silver hair, guyliner, goth boots and a trenchcoat looked smashing.....thankfully I have successfully destroyed all photographic evidence of this period in my life.

Those are probably the weirdest things I have done.
Hahaha! That's awesome! XD
Does doing the yard work naked count? Pretty normal for me, but I suppose some would call that weird.
Well, if it causes people to stare for any reason, I'd say it's weird
And that's really quite interesting, Blue! lol
Well, no one sees me, unless they are coming to my house, in which case they know I hate clothes on myself.
I help alot of homeless people day to day...always have....and in the course of things I have become very fond of a few of them and they have become my friends....

My favorite one who I have known for 20+ years... has a bad mentally ill...bladder doesn't work so he has a pee bag..a tad smelly but he tries not to be....has wild hair and walks real slow because his heart wont let him walk any faster and he is in alot of pain. I take him to a nice restaurant every couple of weeks and I demand that he be treated with respect and kindness....we get alot of looks but f*ck them.

He doesn't know he is any different and I LOVE that...and nurture it.

Me and my lover have been told that it is weird...I dont' care.
I liquified a banana once by just smushing it with my hands. Actually I did it twice. Both times I wanted to eat the banana but it just couldn't happen. I also rubbed shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror with my friend once. And my friend and I coverd the kitchen floor in various condiments and liquids. I also plucked out hairs on my leg that wer surrounded in red and irritated skin.
I used to be with a Discordian Cabal and we pulled a lot of pranks. Some were silly and/or more like live surrealist art (sometimes we flattered ourselves by calling it culture jamming) and others were intricate pranks with a moral. We called our group the CFR ("Conspiracies For Rent") based on the CFR of the USA which is a bogeyman of many conspiracy theorists on both the Left and Right.

Perhaps my favorite that was a bit of both was when we took to calling people asking them to consider getting their kids, grandchildren, and any kids they know to join up with our new chapters of the Young Pioneers now opening in America and such children would learn activities and make connections that would help them succeed via the CFR ("America's nomenklatura!"). To the bemused we'd explain that we were forced out of Russia with the collapse of the Soviet Union but since George Bush passed the PATRIOT Act we took a look at America and saw it was so much like our beloved USSR with the most laws of any nation and the most people in prison than any other nation in the world ("even before the Supreme Soviet betrayed our beloved Rodina-mat!") and we knew our time had come. "Aren't you tired of the politically correct trying to force acceptance of gays and feminism upon your youth? That won't be a worry in the Young Pioneers, WE embrace traditional values necessary for the smooth running of the state and country, especially respect for authority and proper places for all!"). One of our members was a Russian American who could speak it fairly well (and thus fool Americans into thinking she was Russian though actual Russians would know it wasn't her native language). When it was our turn she'd shout Russian at us and whichever one of us was on the phone would say, "Just a moment, please...Nyet, T'varish Khruscheva!" (More Russian follows.)

Most were just confused, some wondered if it was a prank, a surprising number (perhaps responding to the traditional values of being against gays & feminism, the value of "being part of a team," and for a stronger sense of law & order) actually sounded interested in learning more and/or volunteering or sending kids (we gave them the phone number of the John Birch Society "to learn more"), but plenty who supported Bush and the PATRIOT Act (this was a few months after it passed and a popular bumper sticker was "Don't Mess with America" with a drawing of Bush's head on it), especially the more right wing, got furious as we both promoted the right wing and traditional values as part of the YP (which is accurate, btw) almost as much as they hated their "freest nation on Earth" being called one of the least free and insinuating that right wing authoritarianism was actually closer to Communism than Democrats (though in most ways they are).

I've done plenty of weird or silly things outside of that, too, but nothing as surreal (at least not that I recall offhand). Lots of things about me can be said to be weird, and some of them I don't consider strange but others do. I've dressed weird at times, too.
I think one of the weirdest things I have done was to pour a bottle of brown sauce over my head because I was angry. (This was many years ago but a funny memory now)
You could say I was being SAUCY !Laugh1

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