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Welcome, from Cambridge

I'm Mikey - just joined. I hope to use this site to help me find out who I truly am. Times have to change, so any help is hugely appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you all.

hello Mikey, hopefully we can help you find some answers. Please ask anything you want around here!
Welcome & We'll do our best.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
hi m8 - your gonna meet loads of people who have alread y asked all the questions yo need to know about - they will gladly help you too - pass the knowlage on i say
So Mikey Welcome to GaySpeak. What are you curious about? Have you had some sort of fancy for someone of the same sex?
Welcome to the Gs community of friends
Hey, welcome! :] When are we going to hear your story?
Hello. Welcome - ha, another East Anglian to check the ascendancy of Canadians and Vietnamese?Wink
Ok. So my story.
Here goes.
I've always preferred the company of guys- Ive always chosen to spend time with my male friends and tend to avoid the company of women. I have never been close to women and have never hAd a relationship that lasts more than3 months, as I get bored and irritated with them. I don't think I'm afraid of commitment - I just don't want it and bow out before I have he chance.
As a kind of contrast I have always felt close to guys - most of my friends are male, I am very close
to only a few and still nobody knows that I like guys in anywAy more than a friend. It has only been in the past 6 months where I have started to develop strong gay feelings- I am seeing guys as more than just friends. I am getting more than a crush, and I am now really yearning for male companionship, but my catch 22... Is that I have told nobody how I feel or that I think I am gay. And if nobody knows, then how can they have the chance to reciprocate? I'm going round in circles and dnt know where to go. I fear that- although close- none of my friends will understand.
So there is where I'm at. I hope it mAkes sense as it's not been read back and is straight from the heart to this stupid touchscreen keyboard to this forum. Over and out.
Well Mikey, it sounds like you might need to join a gay group or a gay pub where you can hang out with like minded people, not necessarily your best mates...
If you were to come out to anybody, who do you think would be the first person to know / you'd tell?

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