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Welcome from Poland - important introduction
Hello, I'm from Poland, and I'm not a gay, but I have something important to say, for all the gays in the world. Don't delete this post, please, this is not a spam.

That's what I've discovered is that, this is a truth what church says that women are impure from the scratch. The point is that the man who opposes a woman, a woman sends the worst scenarios of betrayal during the sleep - and this is the actual price of living with a woman. In this way, women allow themselves to impunity. Women should sleep separately from men, as is the case in England, or in some way to unload the need for sexual aggression, cuckold practicing, or prostitution, or do not eat meat. In the context of what I said, men's betrayal seems to be irrelevant, because the man is not forcing anything to a woman during the sleep. Therefore, men in relationships with women are suffering from claustrophobia. Therefore homosexual relationships are most justified, when someone has a need going into this type of relationship, he won. Unfortunately, I'm straight... but welcome to my church at (www)

It's in polish but you may use google translate if you want.

Thank you for writing in English, but it looks like you may have used Google Translate yourself? Unfortunately Google does not always make a very good job of translating from one language to another and your message is not very clear.

Are you seriously suggesting there is something fundamentally wrong with women? Although I was married to one for over twenty years and recognise the point about claustrophobia, I rather put that down to other factors including my sexual orientation and her personality.

Half the population of the world is "impure"? I can't even begin to imagine what that means.
With all due respects I have dis owned my religion and now im a lost soul

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