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Well Hello.
Hi to you all you wonderful and fantabulous people of the rainbow world. Allow me introduce myself to you fine people. I'm Michelle, I'm 20, and I'm a butch lesbian from Indiana. I am currently in college studying criminology. My hope is to become a private investigator. I have always wanted to be a detective, so the chance to make that real is the best thing for me. I live to sing, and I am a total choir geek, have been all my life. I sing about 99% to 100% of the time, and am in the performing arts club at my college as well as a female chorus and a show choir. Oh, and I'm also a huge nerd in general, and I take full pride in that. I watch Doctor Who religiously as well as Torchwood. I swear, I love David Tennant. And aside from that, I love, love, love The L Word. I would marry Shane in a heartbeat. Well, her or Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen. I'm also a huge activist for both LGBT rights as well as anti-bullying. I love archery and fencing. I find science to be fascinating. And I love to make people laugh. That's me in a nutshell. I'll leave with you by saying that I'm happy to be here and I would love to make new friends.
Wow what a good intro, welcome it is good to have you aboard, many here to offer advise and been there info, hope your stay becomes a community support as we support those arond us, Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
Well hello there Michelle! Welcome to the fantabalous world of gayspeak! You'll love it here, I promise, if not, then you can interrogate me for why!

lol, I'm iPromise, I'm a 22 dude who is studying Psychology at FSU. I have a huge interest in Homosexual relationships, interracial homosexual relationships, social anxiety and quite a few more interest in the research world. I hope to one day be a Dr. : ) and have my own practice to help my fellow homosexuals, I want to also do my own original research about the homosexual world in particular. I also have a thing for minorities, I believe they are underrepresented in many aspects (Minorities as in ethnicity) so there's a brief intro to my studies.

I hope you enjoy it here and please feel free to express yourself freely as you deem necessary! that includes but not limited to be my friend!!!
Aww, thanks. I'm glad I already have people making me feel welcome. And I'm glad you like my intro. Confusedmile: That's really nice of you. I intend to be here for a long time.
Hey Michelle, welcome and see you around the boards Smile
Why thank you. I'm happy to be here.
Hey Camo, welcome to the forum! hope you like it here Smile
Aww, why thank you, Rawr. That's sweet. I appreciate everyone making me feel welcome.
Hi Michelle, Welcome
Hello Bookworm, and thank you. I'm loving it here.

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