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Well, hello there
So, I am a bit new at making an introduction to a community forum, hopefully I don't mess it up '^-^. Well I am in the USA, in my third year of college studying for Chemistry and I am a lesbian who is out to just about everyone that I feel it necessary to tell. I am 20, with a lot of ideas constantly on my mind. I like meeting people and getting to know them. Well, I am really unsure what else to say... I like to do a lot of different things when I don't have to be studying for classes and I think I am an overall good person, but guess that is mostly up to others. Well, I really am at a loss for words so I shall leave it at this, hi there and nice to meet you all who view.
Hi lessthanthree, it is very nice you to meet you as well. Don't worry about whether or not your intro is awkward... I think they pretty much all are. Welcome to the board, I hope you find everything you're looking for and more, this board has a wonderful diverse community of great people willing to help, converse, advise and comment on many a broad range of topics.
G Day lessthanthree and welcome to GaySpeak Smile
i was studying chemycalengineering at UNAM inMéxico but i had to quit for mental problems i got. Hope you dowell chemestryis marvelous!
Welcome! Wavey
welcome to gs; how are you specializing in your studies?
Welcome to Gayspeak! Have fun while you're here
I haz a penguin!
[Image: penguin.gif]
Welcome, im like ur self to, dont know what to be saying if im first to write anything haha
Hey there Welcome
Welcome to gayspeak , great to have u here Big Grin

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