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Well its time again
Well The New year is about to become reality again, and surprisingly I don't think I'm going to spend it alone this year. As some of you know I meet this guy online through cupid about a month ago. We have text-ed or emailed daily without a beat and meet for the first time about 2 weeks ago. So we seem to have some interest in each other and we are about to meet tomorrow for lunch and then after he gets off work head out for a night on the town for New Years Eve. To tell you all the truth I' excited but scared to death at the same time.

I'm excited because I might have meet someone that might like me for me but scared that I might do something stupid that may end it as quickly as it begins, or I freak out about the whole thing altogether, I want to move forward in life but really don't know how to do such things. any suggestions if this babble make any kind of sense.
I totally get your babble, after all I'm kind of a babble person. I like to blargitty blarg this and blah blargain that... But unfortunately I don't know if i'm the right person to try and help you out here. The best I can say is don't be too nervous, be yourself and hope for the best. If nothing else know that I'm certain everything will turn out for the best for you... even if you aren't... does that help at all? Everything will be fine, just enjoy this moment and never stop enjoying this moment, because every time you enjoy the moment you enjoy life for what it is. :biggrin: Report back!!!
Fear of rejection is normal - we all get it.

Just don't let it paralyze you.

You will be fine.

The worst he can do is date you a few times, rip your heart out and jump up and down on it, kick it around a little....

Well unless his last name is Dahmer, if so be careful telling him to 'eat me'.... :tongue:
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
its going to go fantastic! i have faith for you. its going to be an awesome night!!!
Thanks all I hope your all right just scared to death
Dlboy53 you are going to be just fine sweetheart. BE YOU, if he doesn't like it (possible stupid slip-ups and all), then he is not the right one for you. HAVE FUN! ENJOY yourself. Have a Happy New Year! Here is a big comfort hug from me to you Bighug
Well had breakfast this morning, and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel right now or even how to take it. I mean the conversation was good we shared/ tasted each others meal. I just don't know if I'm trying to hide from something or if I'm just looking for a turn off point or what. The kicker was I went in to the breakfast thinking we would be going dutch and I ended up paying the bill because he forgot his wallet that he left out in his car which was just maybe 10 feet away from the entry way. Don't get me wrong I am a very giving type of person but right now I have to budget my spending do to finally being employed and trying to get bills in order, not to mention that he got one of the most expensive items on the menu as well. Then he asked me to meet him at his place tonight so we can car pool to the bar, which I'm a bit concerned of as well, he said that I could drink what I wanted tonight even though it would not be much anyway because of the late start we would get and to the fact that his breakfast was part of my drinking money for the night. What do you think?
only u can decide he is been genuine or taking u for a free meal etc !! i think in your heart u will know deep down,,, i think its totaly normal though to look for a way out of things which are new - just like this relationship - if you found an excuse it gives u a way to get back to your comfort zone !! nerves are a natural thing that keeps u on high alert so to speak... if you feel that you just dont see things working out you can always call him and end things - just dont let this dateput you off if thats the case .... im sure there's more than one guy who's interested in you on cupid mate Smile - most of luck and happy new year
Yeah just try not to be too nervous. You guys hit it off because you were just being yourself. Try to relax and have fun. The only difference is that he will be sitting in front of you instead of over the net.
Well here is the update.
You all know how I felt after breakfast which is posted about so I'll start from there.
He told me that when he got to work that he would email me directions to his house so we could meet up and head out after he got off work so we said our good byes and gave each other a hug. I went home to get ready for the rest of my day which included a social fellowship at church so i had to plan what to wear to both events and not look overly dressed for one and under dressed for the other. BTW not very easy to do when ones a formal affair and the other is casual, without having to go back home in between. Well by the time I got ready to leave had not received the direction to his place so sent him a message say I would meet him at our destination. So got done with one event a got to the next event with no problems. but the kicker was this was not a formal affair like he said it was so I was way over dressed but really did not bother me because I like getting dressed up. I ended up getting us a table then a bunch of guys asked if i could share the table with them so I said yes. With me being the quiet type of person I sat and listened to them talk and spoke every once in a while,but started to open a bit up as the night went on. Need I say that this place I felt a bit out of my element as well.So My date finally arrive about an 1.5 hours later with a pint and a glass off beer and said hi and sat for a couple of minutes before he told me that he was going to go say high to some other friends, which he seemed like he was gone for a long time., and this happened several time so I started getting unconformable being alone in what was his setting not mine.

It seems like he like calling me stud handsome sexy all the time through emails and text, but when when in public place that i'm not in my element but he is in his he leaves me completely alone. Then when it came to midnight it seemed like he did not want to be near me, and of course I did not want to hang on him like a puppy dog. It seemed kind of weird that he did not want to involve me with his friends or show some interest in me even though a complete stranger that I allowed to sit at my table but the end of the night had his arm around me like we where best of friends and even had me taste his drinks to see if i liked them, plus even offered me one but I turned it down do to I had to drive. Which brings me to my next point. Now during breakfast he for got his wallet which was in his car no more then 10 feet away, but that night did not even offer to pay for a drink or to to make up for the breakfast.

Now he wants me to come over to his place on Monday if he does not get any overtime so we can walk 10 miles.

I know that I'm a logical thinker and such, but I'm really not sure whats going on here? Is this how people treat each other on a date where one person is not in their comfort zone. Yes I did say that I was having a good time but seems like he would have noticed that I wasn't and was sitting back from the crowd.

I'm at a total loss right now and don't know what to do?

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