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Westboro Baptists are at it again....whos ready to rage.
Religious extremists banned from picketing Arizona shooting funeral | World news | The Guardian :mad: :mad:
I tried watching the the video in the article but I didn't make 1 minute.
Honestly, I don't bother paying any mind to them.

I am however reminded of the words of Mathew Shephard's mother when she came to speak at my college. She mentioned them. "Honestly, I'm quite thankful they show up. Whenever they do show up and make asses of themselves, I get double the turnout and every single one of them is twice as sympathetic to human suffering as they would normally be." Now thatis inspiring. The fact that these people are so universally reviled that they inspire acceptance and solidarity concerning the oppressed in all those they meet. People like that are a constant living reminder to all of us to be more compassionate, because those people are what happens when compassion leaves the building.
I think this man and his followers are unteachable.
What must it be for a miserable life. To promise love and teach hatred and violence.
He is a poor little man corroded by hate, he should find our mercy
It is contrary to the precepts of his own god .... with the worst consequences for his followers who follow him blindly.
We should see in him for what he is: a traitor to his own religion .. and we should also evaluate his statements as what tehy are: As garbage.
We should not do his own Mistakes and hate him... he is it not worth to find every kind of audience.
They are one of the most intolerant groups out there, if not the most intolerant group ever. WBC are the worst organization (right next to NAMBLA) ever.
Worse than the National Socialists?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Exposing myself to that kind of hate is not something I choose to do...I accidentally listened to the daughter once on talk radio years ago and felt physically ill for days afterward. Being an empath can be a b*tch sometimes so I have learned what to avoid...Westboro is a great example of things I need to avoid.
The best advert for rational thinking I've ever seen.

If I thought there was such a being as "God" I'd oppose "him" with everything at my disposal.
I came to a conclusion after reading the stories of Noah's Ark and Sodom & Gomorrah that the Christian God is a Mass Murdering, Genocidal, Baby Killer whom I have no intention of ever worshiping.

The Westboro Baptist Church is just another evil sprout off the tree of Christian religion.

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