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What Christians say to Atheists

This is my life in the Bible Belt.
Gay is happiness
I just got called a trouble maker for making my points that this is NOT right, if only because Muslim, Jewish, and especially Pagan kids would not be allowed to carry such a sign.

[Image: 578554_10151014791651455_451425508_n.jpg]
UGH! It is something of a spectacle whenever they decide to showcase their stupidity isn't it? Even up here in good old liberal Oregon you can't escape it. A few examples of dumb things Christians have said to me over the years....

"Why do you read those evil books?"
In reference to me reading a Stephen King novel in high-school. Never mind the fact that King himself is a Methodist, they seem to think that because he writes in the realms of ghosts and goblins, he's the Devil's cabana boy.

"Have you allowed Jesus to enter your life and save you from an eternity of hellfire?" This is often hurled my way by street preachers when I walk past them. Its always fun to politely listen to their dog and pony show, then ask them if I could have a moment of their time to ask them if they have allowed logic, fact and reason into their minds. The blank looks of incomprehension I get afterwards is worth it all.

"Why do you choose to be an atheist? Don't you know you're damming yourself to Hell?" This one ALWAYS pops up when they discover I have no religious beliefs. Again, I like to fuck with them by saying things like "I'm an atheist for the same reasons you are a Christian; I have faith in my beliefs, and faith is all that matters isn't it?" They'll come back and try to argue their logic against mine, but I stay stubborn and unyielding in my retorts of "its all about faith" Never once have they picked up on the fact I'm making fun of their own stubbornness to accept other forms of understanding.

*laughs* I could go on all day with these. Its fun. Rock on fellow atheists! Rock on pagans! You guys are the only religious group I admire right about now Confusedmile:
everyone has a belief system.

Especially after watching Monk on TV.
Because it's fun, and I am having one of my rare "trouble-maker" days:

TVM: shared WBTV News's photo.
about an hour ago •

• ME: Only if it's a private, Christian school's team.
50 minutes ago • Like

TMS: Ours is public! We support our kids here. I remember prayin in elementary and even graduation. If ya dont believe then sit/stand there and allow othersto do it. People dont have to partake in it, its a choice. And I love takin part of such an amazing thing of showin my love for God
47 minutes ago via mobile • Like

ME: That is a lovely sentiment, but the fact is that the Constitution guarantees a separation of church and state. Public school is part of state. Would the school allow a Pagan display? Or a Muslim display? Could my kids march on the field with a sign that says "Thanks be to The Morrigan, for She shall lift us to victory"? If no, then there's your answer.

I'm not trying to be snarky, but all too often Christians refuse to see it from both sides. The reason so many people stand to the side and say nothing is because the backlash is not worth it.
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ME: What I'm saying is that all religions are to be treated equally, whether you agree with them or not. If the Pagan, or Muslim, or Jewish kids can't say their prayers or show their signs, then neither should the Christian kids. There will always be someone of another faith who is pushed aside by the majority, and it is not right.
39 minutes ago • Like

MB: Christina you are way off base. Our founding fathers were trying to keep the government out of church not the church out of the government. While they may not have all been Christians, they did agree on "One Nation Under God". When the government stayed out of the church, America was the greatest nation on earth - not so today.
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TMS: i dont have A problem with others religion. We all have the choice to show/display our faiths. I have friends of many faIths and itd there choice i dont judge them. I know that many people do judge others for what they believe and its not right. I know that I strongley believe in the Freedom of speech.
35 minutes ago via mobile • Like

ME: Then why don't the other kids get to display their religions? Again, I'm not trying to disrespect you, but the fact is that there is an enormous amount of disrespect against everyone who is *not* Christian right there. How would you respond if those cheerleaders bore a sign stating what I had above? I'm sorry, that's ridiculous. Everyone would laugh. How about "Praise Allah!"?

By the way, more than one of the founding fathers was atheist. If you want, I can get a complete list, but it starts with Thomas Jefferson.
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ME: Also, "Under God" was added in the 20th century. It was not part of the original documents. Not at all.
31 minutes ago • Like

JM: Heres my take on it Christina, i am SICK of the whole political correctness bullcrap that is going on in this take on is, if you dont like it, DONT look at it. Leave them alone.
31 minutes ago • Like

ME: Then it's okay for a kid to go decked out in pentagrams? I know that kid would not be left alone.
30 minutes ago • Edited • Like

JM: Your one of those people that likes to stir up trouble no matter what the situation is. If it differs from what you think is right then your going to degrade and whine until people take your point of view......let the girls be, they had fun
28 minutes ago • Like

ME: Which means you have not read my complete, rational posts. If you can show me a Pagan group of kids getting this much support for doing the same thing, then I will respectfully eat my words.
27 minutes ago • Like

DL: Mike you are correct. Christina you also are correct but the simple fact it
24 minutes ago via mobile • Like

TMS: like I said we all have right to believe whatever we want. ALL I KNOW IS IM SO VERY THANKFUL FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF MY LORD SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. I wasnt a real believer until few yrs ago but I knew enough from my grandparents. And now I have the most wonderful peace I have ever known in my life.
24 minutes ago via mobile • Like • 1

ME: And I applaud that. It's just it gets hairy when you say some people can do something, and others can't based on their religion. Allow every religion represented to show similar tokens, or none. It is neither fair nor wise to pick and choose. *Every* religion is granted that right, not just one, and that is the issue here.
15 minutes ago • Like

DL: Sorry hit send to early. Is not it. That usually instead of presenting any other religion or belief in a reasonable way. They run off to ACLU or naacp or waaah my feelings are hurt coalition. And try to punish anyone who is not the same as them.
15 minutes ago via mobile • Unlike • 1

TMS: see i could say this as Jay stated dont like dont look. I love my tattoos many hate them so i say dont look at them. The thing is many kids today are proud to be different and show their love of jesus. They arent afraid to stand out from the crowd. Also here in the south seems to be more religious. Or just simply show it alot more. Everyone has a view on things and its all a personal choice on how ya want to show it off.
14 minutes ago via mobile • Like

MB: In America people are free to have any religion they want and I support their choice, but, I also must witness to them that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to God --- John 14:6. They don't have to believe, but I am accountable to God to tell them about Jesus and Him crucified. Just because they do not believe in Jesus, doesn't mean that what He has said is not true. All, both dead and alive will one day confess Jesus as Lord -- Php 2:10 so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
Php 2:11 and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
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ME: David is right. And the ones who run to ACLU haven't always tried to resolve things first.

Don't like, don't look is great for tats (I have one), but the kids who are proud of being other things, like other religions, or gay, or whatever get bullied--mostly by the Christian right. That is why I take exception to these situations. It's fine if you feel the need to witness, but you should also remember that if you do, they have every right to "witness" back, and then it seems as if you (general, collectively) get offended that anyone would disagree. Sometimes you need to step back and agree to disagree on philosophy. That does not mean expecting people to sit back quietly when you turn on the brimstone and tell them they're going to a hell they don't believe in. It's rude. And it's not how the Jesus I learned about as a kid would treat them.
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TMS: i dont go all fire and brimestone on people i have a selected scriptures I share. I share the Word. Its all judging no matter what the topic is religion sexual preferances tattoos piercings drinkin and so on. I JUST KNOW THAT I ONLY HAVE 1 TO PLEASE AND I DO FALL SHORT BUT HE IS A FORGIVIN GOD. Because of what i have learned in my walk i am able to forgive the man who raped me. It was hard but i can say i have truely moved on and forgivin him. Jesus is the only 1 to judge. I pray that i have done enough in my life to be granted my eternal life in heaven. No one is perfect we are human and all make mistakes.
about a minute ago via mobile • Like

ME: I am glad you have your faith and that it helps you. Please understand that other people have their faiths, which are just as valid, and it helps them just as much. When people are recovering from terrible situations but come from different faith perspectives, it is incredibly destructive to have "well meaning" people witness to them that it would be better for them to have the "right" beliefs.

I believe that there is somebody or something, and if you want, call it/Him/Her God. God is smart enough to appear in a person's life in the way s/he needs, not how other people wish it. That is all, but it does not seem to be enough in debate.
JisthenewK Wrote:

This is my life in the Bible Belt.

And those are the nicer ones.

Of course for the absolute meanest, see what good Christians post on the internet where they can show what's REALLY in their hearts with Christ as they don't have to worry about consequences, only what God thinks and thus they do what they think God feels is ok, because God dictates their morality. Examples:

GossamerMoon Wrote:I just got called a trouble maker for making my points that this is NOT right, if only because Muslim, Jewish, and especially Pagan kids would not be allowed to carry such a sign.

[Image: 578554_10151014791651455_451425508_n.jpg]

For some reason this reminded me of back when I really made some Christian fundies uncomfortable. A few of the fundies (but there were more) were neighbors who gave me and my current family a hard time (including in giving our then 12-year-old girl a pamphlet on why Christians were morally obligated to hate us to hand to us, and yes it did say hate us not our supposed sin, though she was brilliant when one told her of Romans 1 about what gay people are like and she said then they were the gays and we the Christians because we were the nice ones while they were the liars, trying to teach her to not honor her mother, etc). They caused enough problems that I believe it was my partner's lawyer why we didn't wind up on the streets. Long story, I'd rather not get into it.

So sometime later as I passed the neighbors who were outside (more than one apartment) talking with each other and gave me their usual look of disapproval immediately after the 2010 World Series I smiled, put my hand in the air and danced a jig like a Pentecostal (don't know if that was their denomination or not), and skipped by shouting, "God loves gays! God loves hippies! God loves San Francisco! THE GIANTS WON OVER TEXAS! WOOO!"

I suppose if they hadn't harassed our children and tried to get us evicted & my partner fired I might've been remorseful as they looked at me like I was being utterly rude and asinine. Hey, they know the Golden Rule and I'm sorry if I failed to treat them as they wished to be treated (going by how they treated us), it was the lowest I could bring myself to go. Obviously, to be a REAL jerk, I need to accept Jesus. :tongue:
It's amazing how they can couch their hate in "Jesus loves you" propaganda. If Jesus was alive today, he'd be violently ill.
I think the great author Mark Twain said it best when he said "If Jesus were to come back today, there is one thing he would not be - a Christian."

Mind you, he said this back in the late 1800's. I imagine if he saw how these psychopaths are acting today, he would spin in his grave.

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